Thugs pelt missiles as hundreds gather to 'protect' Sir Robert Peel statue

Hundreds of people descended on George Square in Glasgow earlier today to call for the statue to stay in place after the Black Lives Matter movement called for it to be removed. It comes as the memorial, dedicated to the former Prime Minister, whose father had links to the slave trade, was spray painted with an anti-police message last Sunday during demonstrations.

And you all thought the New World Order was a conspiracy and some still do there’s your severity of dunces.

Yep, divide and rule is the name of the game, or in the case of the NWO, dominate? Something tells me that Churchill, The Blessed Margaret, or Nigel Farage wouldn’t be kow-tow’ing to anyone, NWO or not! Gates and Fauci would be up before the Court of Human Rights in the Hague so fast their feet wouldn’t touch the ground. Ah well we’re stuck with idiots like Hancock and Johnson now, so que sera sera.