Thread Derailment - Stop

So far the board’s owner has kept a close eye on you and your posts. The board owner is happy to tolerate all forms of speech. The board owner will not tolerate intentional thread derailment.


I’m good with that as long as the rules are applied in a fair way to everybody, regardless of their politics. If I see instances of that not being the case then I’ll be referring the issue to the board’s owner again.

Besides that, I can see a real problem in the community having the abiilty to flag posts that could be contrary to their extreme rightist politics. It could become an impossible situation for a leftist such as me. I hope I won’t be called upon to have to deal with that sort of issue?

Thanks for your attention to the issue Patriot.

I get dozens of flags per day. If the flag is about silencing someone’s speech, it is ignored.

If I get three flags on a post it is immediately hidden for me or my mod to take action. If I concur with the flags then there is a maximum of three posts that can be hidden before the community ban rule kicks into effect.

Simply put: 3 posts, with 3 sustained flags each, generates a 1000 year ban. You have one post left before hitting this limit. Post carefully.

Coordinated flagging of an opposing viewpoint is monitored. If determined, that it is a false flag to silence the views of another member the person calling for the flag gets issued the flag.

Stop intentionally derailing threads and intentionally poking people to get an angry response.

I won’t ask again.


I don’t see any way of preventing the community from taking a position against me based purely on their politics. If that happens, as you are suggesting it likely will, then I won’t be able to continue on your forum.

So let’s just make it happen now, as opposed to waiting for the inevitable. Strange in that I’m assuming you invited me to your forum understanding that I’m a leftist!

So I’m outta here unless you change the rules to suit my obvious needs. Get back to me if you care to.


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There are far too many boards on the net now Patriot, for you to expect me to abide by your biased rules. You shortchange yourself with your need for political compliance to the extreme right standard. That’s made it literally impossible for me to survive the rest of the day on this board.

So I’ll just terminate our relationship before you get the opportunity for the self-gratification.

Thanks for the invite and thanks for the short term participation on your board.


p.s. If that sounds a lot like ‘go fuck yourself’ then you’ve got it pretty close to right!

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Bye bye @donheather you won’t be missed.



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Libs just are so full of projection. :laughing:

Let me translate:
I am a troll. I thought I was smarter than you. Actually, let me retract that: I am still smarter than you.

But, nevermind the warnings. Because you see, you are wrong. I am of superior intellect and cunning which makes me right.

So, rather than leave my office cubicle, escorted by security with my shoebox of knicknacks, I’ll just quit and stand in the parking lot looking up towards where my office used to be with my fingers stuck in my ears yelling nah, nah nnnaaaahhhh naaaahhh.

And, yeah! I just had the last word, now TAKE THAT!

(as he goes home and fills out forms for unemployment and tries to figure out how to pay rent at the end of the month. Then picks up the phone… Oh hey MOM???)


This goes to show that some people just don’t know how to act. This guy came in here saying nothing but bad things about all of the posters here and about the USA. I got no problem myself with criticism and like but he was being a jerk. I’m glad to see @Patriot keeping the tradition alive of rebranding an offenders avatar.


Oh my gosh. I thought that was really his avatar. :nauseated_face:

I love the sense of humor for reason for banning and the replacement avatar.

Keep up the good work @Patriot and @KVN. Your humor and oversight is much appreciated!


Goodbye. You will not be missed, in the slightest. You and your kin are assholes, and cause discord all around you.


A case study in how frustrating it must be to own a forum.

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Well… I think it helps when we flag. But then again, I hate to flag. Conundrum.

Perhaps instead of calling everyone that disagrees with you a racist you could hold a reasonable dialog.

Instead of saying I’m here to spread the truth about the great harm Trump has done and is doing to your country, Perhaps you could tell everyone without demeaning them how trump is harming the country, instead you have so far take the low road.

He is banned for 1000 years, Lou.

But is probably scheming a new persona as we speak :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Damn - I missed the ban hammer getting dropped?



Happens when you try and make demands from the site owner.


That’s a good reason to ban montecresto1

Today he has done nothing but spam threads, post off-topic posts, and turn every thread into an attack on Christianity regardless of the topic.

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Celebrate it here and complain about it over at Facebook…:man_shrugging: