Thoughts on ERPO (red flag) Gun Laws

Most of us realize that this wave of ERPO (red flag) gun “laws” are going to be used primarily to disarm white, right wing men.

It’s going to get to the point where your guilt of thought crime will send the boleez to your door on order of some cucked-ass judge.

So we have two main options if we find ourselves on the shit end of this stick:

  1. Surrender and give up your arms willingly, then wait for your court date and be at the mercy of the Kosher “justice” system (we know how that’s going to end).

  2. Don’t surrender and go out in gun fire.

Which brings me to the only other option I’ve been able to think of in this situation:

If you get the knock on the door, DO NOT OPEN IT. DO your damndest to stall for as long as possible. Barricade your ass in for the long haul.

While stalling, start up a live stream. Shit post the live stream to every social media outlet, every image board, every discussion forum you can. SHit post your location with the livestream to your local pro 2A Facebook or other social media groups. Get these people to get of their asses to come help you.

Contact your friends and family and get them to contact their friends who would be sympathetic to your situation. RALLY THE FUCKING troops. Get them to physically come to your residence to put pressure on the pigs.

Regardless how we feel about the Bundy Ranch incident: It proved a large enough group of pissed of Americans with guns can win a fight against the state.

The last thing (((they))) want is more ACCELERATION

If the situation turns bloody, (((THEY))) lose. The situation will have to be deescalated for them to save face. They’re betting on us cucking, but if we can organize quickly in the moment, it may be a tangible option.



The picture above does nothing but strengthen the case for Red Flag Laws.

Your responses prove more than ever that we need to go back to the old ways of doing business.

Just use the law. Turn in, under this law, every politician that voted for this law. The even time you get the name and address of a person who supports this law, turn them in as having an illegal weapon. If asked why, say you are doing this under the theory of abundance of caution.

i.e., Fuck with them.


Maybe we should should stop electing gun grabbers.

Remember - you are mentally ill if you oppose giving up your rights and ability to defend yourselves from tyranny, criminals, and state paid agents.


This whole ERPO thing is predticated on Feminism.

If someone abuses you…leave them. If someone threatens you LEAVE them.

Keep your OWN gun for self defense. Thats what the 2nd amendment is for…your own personal defense, not for disarming men who have been accused.

The cucks in government and law enforcement who push and carry out ERPO laws are nothing but TYRANTS acting under the guise of “keeping you safe”


Get a few cameras set up to get all angles… and software to stitch the images into a quad presentation before streaming.

Maybe some speech to text converters for captions.

Correct. The NRA also failed to put up any fight. Gun Owners of America (GOA) has been pressing local sheriffs and legislatures over ERPO and publicizing sheriffs who refuse to comply.

An interesting point to note, the GOA tactfully never mentions the reasons for their formation but the fact is, GOA was formed by outraged 2A advocates that were angered by NRA’s participation in the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA '68, look it up to find what we lost). Since then NRA has further compromised our rights. Most recently by advocating for Red Flag laws.

This is a good example of the dangers of Democracy in any organization. Too much reliance on input from members who might even be flaming liberals who joined just to be subversive.

GOA, on the other hand, has taken a “NO COMPROMISE” position and no vote by the members will change that. Occasionally, they will seek input as to priorities because there isn’t enough money to make everything a top priority.

You are sick.

Great OP. The US is the only country left with Constitutional gun rights. This is a Globalist plot to install world wide Communism. The elimination of gun rights and ownership must be resisted at all costs.

That certainly isn’t true. The NRA has been fighting these laws everywhere they’ve been proposed.

WTH?! First the NRA and now USCCA is supporting Red Flag Gun Seizures?! Shame on you, USCCA!

And it’s designed to target veterans, the people who are trained to use the weapons they keep in their homes. Imagine giving up part of your mental capacity/security serving America’s retarded wars, to then have America strip you of your rights because of soccer moms screeching about commons sense gun control.

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Where did you get this?

A buddy of mine sent it this morning. He asked them over FB messenger what their position was on ERPO laws.

Let me correct you on the NRA’s position.

“The NRA strongly opposed these laws because they do not protect due process rights. We will continue to oppose confiscation schemes such as these,” the group wrote on its YouTube page.

The note goes on to say that red flag laws should “require the judge to make a determination of whether the person meets the state standard for involuntary commitment,” and the removal of a gun must be accompanied by mental health treatment.

The NRA is not supporting any legislation that takes our firearms without due process.

Them who? I need a specific individual to contact.

He contacted the USCCA on Facebook. They have a contact us button on their page. He hit the button and asked the question.

The response does not appear to have come from anyone with the organization, that’s why I asked. Here is the official statement from Tim Schmidt.

I’ve recently discovered that some USCCA members are concerned with the recent passing of ‘Red Flag’ or Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) laws. I’ve also seen responses from USCCA / Delta Defense staff to social media posts & inquiries regarding these laws.

Needless to say, ‘Red Flag’ & ERPO laws make me very nervous. I’m sure these laws are designed to protect innocent people. But in my opinion, they allow for the confiscation of firearms without adequate due process and force citizens to prove their innocence rather than forcing the state to prove that a person is guilty. Furthermore, it would be far too easy to abuse these laws. Imagine losing your right to own a gun because someone with an axe to grind simply claims that you’re a danger.

It is for these reasons that I want every USCCA member to know and understand that we will always have your back if you’re ever in an unfounded ‘Red Flag’ or ERPO situation. As responsibly armed Americans, we will always be under attack from the forces of evil who wish to take guns away from ALL law-abiding Americans.

Thank you.


Timothy J. Schmidt Sr.
President & Founder - USCCA