Thomas Lipscomb: The Secrets of the Zapruder Film

New secrets in a Emerald Robinson article is an interesting read that raises new questions about a Zapruder family secret regarding the film itself and various interesting new insights in the Kennedy assassination. Seems like odd timing given all that is going on today that Kennedy’s assassination seems to persist in current discourse. The question that this article raises is if the film that most people are most likely familiar with was altered after the US government purchased the film from the Zapruder family to a tune of 16 million dollars. The hiding family secret that there was more in the film that we have not seen before and that perhaps it was altered and Zapruder himself admitted as such during testimony in the Warren Commission?

But in the Zapruder film screened for the Warren Commission, the limo never shows any signs of stopping. It was at this point that the two shots rang out — including the famous frame 313 showing the fatal shot to the head.

But curiously there is only one frame in the Zapruder film that shows the shot, and a small cloud of red mist around the President’s head. That’s not how many eyewitnesses saw it, like the Newmans who were directly abreast and saw the hit. Or Zapruder’s partner, Erwin Schwartz, who saw the film at least 15 times that weekend — and saw a violent eruption of brain matter and blood from the impact that went high and to the left. And that confirms the account of escorting Dallas motorcvcle policeman Billy Hargis (on the left rear of the limo) who said that he was struck so hard by the discharge from Kennedy’s head that he initially thought he might have been shot himself. Hargis also confirms the stop.

Since the release of the Warren Report, disturbing information like this which raises questions about the film has been discussed by researchers: first by David Lifton in his 1980 book Best Evidence , and then by John Costello, Peter Janney and Douglas Horne (among others). They have built a persuasive case that the film in the National Archives today that is known as the Zapruder film was altered and, in some cases, fabricated. The reason is simple enough. The Warren Commission had set itself from its inception with the task of proving Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, and that all shots were fired from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

From the Zapruder film, we can see that the driver of the limousine turned around, pointed something at JFK.

Then JFK slowly leans toward the first lady as if he was falling unconscious, and only a few seconds later, a bullet hits the right side of his dead splashing liquid (blood, brain fluid) backward — indicating a bullet came from the front and right, not from the driver’s seat.

Then the first lady, in panic, tries to get away from the agents who sat in the front of the limousine.

The entire world knows he was not shot in the back of the head… just like the entire world knows that Biden was not “elected”. Our politicians have no shame or morals. They regularly flaunt their bullshit right in front of us… and nothing ever comes of it, even though we all know what is going on.

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I wonder as I look into this issue deeper and ask if the US has the most assassinations in history of leaders in the world? How many US presidents were assassinated?

“We the people” is an apathetic one; that is why. When they rise it will be chaos especially given all the illegals pouring into the country. There will be no unity, and I suspect that it was all by design with this admin’s willingness to allow them to pour in with an unguarded border.

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I wonder if you can provide an alternative link with how you have the ability to dig different stuff up in order to provide a different perspective on this issue. It seems that according to the article, the film was doctored to cover the other shot that supposedly hit him in the back of the head. One suggestion is that they did that in order to continue to sell the Oswald as the fall guy narrative. Then Oswald is assassinated shortly afterwards? Seems too convenient to be coincidental and is why the conspiracy continues to persist to this day.

First, Bill Cooper pointed out that Oswald was visible in the official government videos, standing in front of the building among the cheering crowd.
(If he was to shoot JFK, he must have climbed up the stairs very fast and take aim. Very unlikely.)

There is a retired Israeli Mossad agent who wrote in his By Way of Deception (By Way of Deception: Ostrovsky, Victor: 9780773724600: Books) that young Mossad agents in Israel tried to reenact the scene in Dallas. They hired one of the best snipers in the Israeli army and gave him a rife more powerful than the one allegedly used by Oswald, but the sharp shooter couldn’t hit the target.

Why was Oswald the patsy killed? According to Texe Marrs, Jack Ruby (His real Jooish name Rubinstein is never mentioned in the American MSM) shot Oswald to hide the Israeli involvement in the JFK assassination. Marrs also surmises that Bill Clinton is Ruby’s biological son. The Jooish mafia posthumously honored Ruby by making his son President. But it’s another story.

The Israeli involvement was pointed out by a number of researchers, including Michael Collins Piper ( : final judgement piper) who died way too young.

As Bill Cooper makes it clear, the driver of the limousine turns around and points something at JFK, but it was a few seconds too early for JFK’s head to explode. And the angle is wrong. The driver couldn’t have shot JFK on the right side of the head from his driver’s seat, given JFK was already leaning toward the first lady, and there were Texas governor and his wife in the middle row of the limousine.

I recently read an account that they discovered a bullet hole in the wind shield of the limousine, but the angle is wrong.

Also there is a plausible account of a cop on a motorcycle following the limousine on the left side that he got splashed with JFK’s blood which also indicates the fatal shot came diagonally from the passenger side of the front row, next to the driver.

So what was the driver pointing at JFK when he slowed down the limousine and turned around? According to Bill Cooper, it was a specially prepared (CIA) gun for assassination that shoots bullets with shell fish toxin. Most likely, JFK was shot in the throat with this special gun and he was becoming unconscious.

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Interesting and plausible angle (no pun intended) to what might have actually happen. I certainly don’t doubt that the CIA was involved, considering the money that was being made in the Heroine trade through via Vietnam, where for one black market trade, as well as corruption in South Vietnam during the height of the war was in full boom. Secondly the CIA through out its history including Afghanistan (see Poppy fields) use drug money sales because its untraceable and deals in hard cash to fund its operations. I would imagine Kennedy’s plan to pull out of Vietnam two weeks prior to his assassination was a motivating factor for the CIA to have him assassinated due to threatening their cash cow. That to me is one explanation that seems to have the most plausibility. The other is the FED reserve and backing the dollar with silver. (Hence the silver certificate) but the latter explanation seems to have some holes in it thus doesn’t carry as much weight as the first one. However it didn’t stop people from speculating whether Kennedy wanted to federalize the dollar with treasury notes vs. ones issued from the Federal Reserve, a issue that continues to persist to this day.

More on the executive order 11110

On June 4, 1963, President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy signed a Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, which stripped the Federal Reserve Banking System of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. This decree meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the U.S. government could introduce new money into circulation based on the silver bullion physically held therein. As a result, more than $4 trillion in United States Notes were brought into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations. $10 and $20 United States Notes were never circulated but were being printed by the Treasury Department when Kennedy was assassinated. Kennedy knew that if the silver backed United States Notes were widely circulated, they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve Notes. By giving the U.S. Treasury the Constitutional authority to coin U.S. money once again, EO 11110 would thus prevent the national debt from rising due to “usury” that the American people are charged for “borrowing” (i.e., using) FRN’s.

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JFK antagonized some factions of the CIA and FBI for sure, but he antagonized the Israel lobby which was fatal.

As you know, the (George) Bush family is Jooish, one of the oldest ones in America. Who directed the CIA at the time of the assassination? He conveniently “forgot” where he was on that day.

The motives for the assassination were multiple.

  1. JFK tried to bypass the Fed by printing money.
  2. He pressued Israel to abandon its nuclear program.
  3. He was going to disclose info on the UFO and aliens.
  4. Johnson was secretely craving Jacqueline. (That’s why she promptly married the Greek tycoon. You may have seen Johnson’s photo grinning right before his was swon in on their flight back to DC). Needless to say, Johnson was Israel’s choice and he tried to hide the Liberty incident.
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George Bush wasn’t CIA director during Kennedy’s assassination John A McCone was. Bush was CIA director from 1976 to 1977. Before that his life in politics was first as a congressmen. However his career with the Navy as well as being a Yale graduate, where most career agents for the CIA come from might have been a reason why he was picked to run the agency in 1976, due to at the time it was mired in controversy.

As far as Johnson is concerned he is the one man responsible for the plight African Americans today with his "Great Society initiative that brought in affirmative action and enabled the entitlement class where generations of blacks would come to depend on welfare and a host of other things as a reactionary politics during the civil rights era.

Also on the USS Liberty angle, and whether he was Israel’s choice could have some connecting dots as the admiral of that ship at the time of the incident was no other than John McCain’s father. John McCain of course would go on to be a consistent war monger due to having ties with lobbying support from the R&D division such as Ratheon. Israel at the time of the Liberty incident was involved with stealing Neuclear secrets from the US at the time, and were doing all kinds of shady shit especially in places like South America, Egypt, Syria, and the Suez canal with false flag operations. This is just off the top of my head, but more to your point, there has always been the US to Israel connection to this day. Interesting how they been pretty quiet during Biden’s reign.

Where was George Herbert Walker Bush on November 22, 1963 ?

Where was George Herbert Walker Bush on November 22, 1963 ? - Looking Glass News

The Secret Service (who drove the limousine) belonged to the CIA.

A November 29 (

You can add to my list of motives

  1. JFK was planning to dismantle the CIA.

Interesting. I never really explored this question before, but have seen this picture associated with such conspiracy theories questioning if this was in fact George Bush.

I can not confirm that, however the open car while LBJ was driving in a closed one not far behind does raise those suspicions.

Not sure about this one, it seems unlikely but possible. We will never know if this was true.

Did you see it in the film footage that was provided in this particular post or are you talking about another version?

Sorry, this thread is being resurrected due to some new information that I was just recently exposed to and wanted to know your perspective on this aspect that you claimed

Right before the limousine goes behind the road sign, I think.

Bill Cooper discusses that in detail.

Its the tree actually. Can you find the actual footage that shows that? The reason why I ask is because it comes up in the “Octopus Murders”

@19-20 seconds, the coup de grace came from the agent seated on the passenger seat. JFK is shot at the right temple with a real gun and you see the red blood (and brains) splash.

Prior to that, JFK was shot with a special gun with shellfish toxin (according to Bill Cooper) and that’s why he was losing consciousness and leaning toward Jacqueline.

In the video Bill Copper showed, it was clearly visible that the driver turned around and pointed something at JFK.

Just the shellfish toxin would have killed JFK, but they wanted to make sure he’d be dead. Besides they needed a gun shot to frame Oswald.

Same video on YouTube.

I don’t know what “restored” entails. The video has been messed with and there are many versions.

Hard to see it even in this one. I guess its possible. Someone mentioned this as being the case some many years ago with a guy named Robert Nichols who was a suspect in a Journalists murder.

Watch when you get a chance the dots get connected