This woman has a strange throat/neck muscle, not found in humans

Aliens and alien thoughts are taking over humanity?

Megan Rapinoe is an advocate for numerous LGBT organizations

I also found this anomaly in NZ Prime Minister

After watching a number of her plays, I’m fairly certain that she has a strange muscle between her legs too.


You are insane.




Mate - this tells me you are not fit and active. Go to the gym, do a lot of cardio and lift heavy weights. After you get slim enough you will see you have the same neck and throat muscles too. They will appear when you are pushing yourself with weight.


If you have a little knowledge about human anatomy, you know there are muscles you can train. But you can’t train and thicken muscles which do not exist in humans.

You are utterly insane and dumber than rubber brick.

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See the first photo again

neck anatomy of non-human
da vinci

Why do you feel the need to lie constantly? Da Vinci never even postulated on the anatomy of a non human humanoid.

We’ve all seen it, no such “non human” muscle is pictured.

You don’t see what you don’t want to see.
The woman soccer player has a big muscle that shouldn’t exist in normal human

You’re insane. She has no muscles not found in every human being just as the damned anatomy chart and video show.