'THIS WEEK' EXCLUSIVE: Joe Walsh announces Republican primary challenge against Trump

He started with an apology tour on Stephanopoulos . Sound like a Democrat in Republican clothing used all of their talking points. Called President Trump a lying incompetent racist who isn’t fit to be president

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Don’t underestimate Joe Walsh’s appeal to deadbeat dads, an important Trump voting bloc.

Another egotistical loser who has no chance in hell of winning. :fu::us:

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Uh huh. Another bloviating nutjob RINO who thinks he’s all that. Go ahead, waste your money!

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All the leftists are whining that he’s racist so he’s probably not one of them.

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Finally a republican with the stones to tell the truth…

We’ll see about that. He’s not as ugly as Hillary.

Not that one should expect much from Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast, but… the reason that there are no Republican challengers to Trump is that at present he is as close as you can get to a personification of the Republican Party.

There’s also a moral case for signaling that Trump doesn’t speak for all of us—an argument for laying down a symbolic marker regardless of the consequences. “I just say, you have to do the right thing,” Walsh said, “and on principle alone, a Republican should stand up and be on the record to make the principled case against him, no matter…how that may play out in the future.”

So to Joe Walsh, the “right thing” means uttering a short lament that nobody else is challenging Trump then… doing nothing?

In fairness to Joe, he probably will do something. Next November, he’ll probably… vote for Trump. :roll_eyes:

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When Joe Walsh is the answer to saving your party…your party is doomed

Joe Walsh is still around?