This video was meant to be a joke, but not any more in America

How to survive zombie apocalypse

Or, how to survive BLM / Antifa apocalypse

(Numbering from 9 to 1 is reversed in the video and I don’t know how to do it here.)

  1. Build a fortified bunker with stored food and firearms
  2. Capsule with air-filter, originally designed for tsunami and flood but it’s also fire-resistant. When the coast is clear, get out to safety.
  3. Kevlar shirt to protect from zombie bites.
  4. Weapon that doesn’t require bullets. Club, baseball bat, just to name a few.
  5. Zombie-busting vehicle. Especially given recent events in Portland where the left-wing nuts block traffic
  6. Diving gear. Left-wing zombies use fire a lot but they are not known for their swimming skills. Another great idea is a yacht with stored food to get away from the zombies, if you live on the left coast.
  7. Carry a survival kit. Flash light, Swiss army knife, weapon of your choice, water filter, binoculars to spot zombies from distance, first-aid kit to treat wound caused by zombies, flame thrower
  8. Build a house-fortress
  9. If your budget is limited for a fortress, these stairs ought to keep zombies from reaching upstairs.