This POS doctor won’t allow heart transplant ! For not being vaccinated!

And he responds to his emails!
He claims no man or woman can get a heart transplant UNLESS they get the shot.

Give him hell!

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And yet the huckster Trump is pushing that snake oil . :exploding_head: :clown_face: :poop: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:

No trump is saying you’re free to take it or not. You just can’t read lol

Being unvaccinated is a choice at this point. Hospitals have an obligation not to put other patients at risk over the bad decision-making of one individual during a deadly pandemic.

Other patients don’t have to go to the hospital, Stay home and Die

No. Other patients don’t have a choice. This assclown has a choice. Get the vaxx or die.

You really don’t want any more martyrs , you’re already going to get dominated in the 2022 election in November lol stop your crazy talk people with different opinions than yours deserve The same liberty as you

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The vax will kill you in time. This was a CALLOUS decision to say the least and a message to us unvaxers to comply or else .Hopefully the family can sue the hospital if he dies.

Nonsense. You people have been saying the same crap about vaccines since the start of the anti-vax movement in this country. Any time there is a new vaccine out it’s the same sky is falling bullshit.

You keep taking the experimental drug lol

Deadly pandemic? Uh with a less than 1% survival rate it can’t be considered a pandemic, but you love repeating your CNN talking points dumba$$!

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Yeah lets forget about what you said about the virus originating from a animal, lest you have selective memory. Making yourself out to be smarter than anyone who you disagree with only makes look like a even bigger idiot than you already are! Anyone who is full of bullshit is you! There is plenty of evidence that the vaccine has been causing deaths world, and if you weren’t such an liberal retarded moron would know that! Then again you are not a doctor you just some shill pulling your Toobin while sitting in your chair!


The hospital administrators should be burned at the stake.

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OR …

Do you believe everything the Witch Doctor Falsehood says!!!