This looks like something from Hellraiser. "Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell."

The new “Reaper Wasteland” outfit is just in time for Halloween that was put on display at a recent fashion show. It was pretty bizarre to say in the least.

Some comments from the twatter thread

“Gotta say, it is a brilliant postmodern deconstruction.”

"That’s the worst & most creepy runway walk I’ve ever seen.

“I’m too psycho for my love. Too psycho for my love. Love’s going to leave me. I’m too psycho for my shirt. Too psycho for my shirt. So psycho it hurts.”

“Was going to use my old BDUs but might give this a shot. I’m gonna need a studded gimp mask though.”

“He looks totally pissed off that he has to wear a dress to please his gay boss!”

After watching I now have diarrhea.

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I still can’t believe they actually put this together as an event mud and all. The people in the stands watching is also very surreal!