This is Why Democrats are the Party of Stupidity

I just watched this video and I am appalled by the amount of stupidity on display by the left. Basically the premise of the video is asking people to choose between a recession or Trump winning four more years. The idea is that if a recession occurs before the 2020 elections that Trump’s re-election chances greatly diminishes and the likely-hood of a democrat winning the white house goes up! Truly after watching how Democrats answered I am convinced that not only are they retarded but evil as well. In other words they rather wish the country go into a recession and cause millions to suffer and lose their jobs than have Trump win re-election? No wonder why liberals don’t want to debate conservatives, they are just too stupid to! However to be fair, there were a few people in the video that had enough sense to realize that a recession would be bad as opposed to having Trump win re-election.

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They’re called Social Justice Warriors for a reason.

Remember, too the agenda is big government takes care of everyone so why would a recession be a blip on their radar?

Since stupidity and foolishness are so common these days the DNC being the party of them may be a winning strategy.

Also a whining strategy.

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Just when they couldn’t any dumber then there is this!

This one hurts!

The one guy git it right, it’s cold and great in drinks.

And the finest: Climate is always changing, who would have thought.

Yeah have to admit, there was some colorful answers there. But man, the stupidity coming out of today’s colleges is astounding! At least there are some who actually know what is gong on when it comes to immigration, so that is a little bit encouraging!

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Yep, nature is always in flux. But you have to admit that we haven’t half sent some shit up into the atmosphere? For example all the nuclear testing, a century of the West’s industrial revolution, and billions of cars since the Model T pouring out their carbon monoxide worldwide, and Saddam’s blowing up 600 oil wells which spewed out fire and thick black smoke 24/7 for 7 months hasn’t helped climate change either?