This is Treason: Deep State Openly Plotting Against Trump?

Two former intelligence heads bragged about how the deep state is engaged in a coup to remove President Trump Thursday, with one even praising God for the existence of the deep state.

During an interview with Margaret Brennan of CSPAN, former CIA head John McLaughlin along with his successor John Brennan both basically admitted that there is a secretive cabal of people within US intelligence who are trying to ‘take Trump out’.

“Thank God for the ‘Deep State,’” McLaughlin crowed as liberals in the crowd cheered.

Here is just one pathetic attempt to pull it off. It failed. But there will be others:

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I give this like 90 days before the whistleblower is like…“Hey I was just filing a concern and Schiff and his office went to the moon with it.”


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If Trump hadn’t released the transcript so quickly this would have been a complete shit show for him. Well played.


Now all of the others that testified are out there pissing in the wind. It was all contingent on backing up the whistleblower.

An edited transcript…:rofl:

Trump is planning a fireside chat to read the transcript live on TV. Now they committee to impeach Trump, and all of the bullshit testimony is falling apart. The fireside chat has them shook.

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302 FISA form was already confirmed that Lisa Page edited it! Already confirmed which is why she is probably going to be seeing jail time, along with Brennan, Clapper, McCabe and few others!

I already posted a link to this story yesterday so not sure why this being posted again!

Notice how everything the dems do backfires on them?

Then, they act like it never happened and pull something new out of their backsides.

Rinse and repeat.

They’ve lost all credibility except for those with TDS.

This is all crap to begin with because it was all SPIN! Creepy pedo Joe Biden was caught bragging about holding back a billion US taxpayer dollars if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor looking into his son Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi’s son, and Whitey Bulger’s nephews pay to play scam in the Ukraine.

Video cued up to joe’s bragging.

ps this is the guy the people impeaching Trump want as president, the one who actually did what Trump never did.

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Funny how that isn’t a blip on the radar for the dems, isn’t it?

Odd how much these civil servants have accumulated so much wealth on such paltry salaires, isn’t it?

It makes one wonder if there is collusion on the way “things are done”. Wink, wink… Nod, nod. :face_with_monocle:

But he can’t read…:rofl:

This is a Deep State coup attempt against President Trump aided and abetted by the press propaganda.
Brennan, Clapper and others should face a firing squad enmass.

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Thought you appreciated the constitution. Impeachment is a constitutionally sanctioned legal process, no matter how much you wish it wasn’t.