This is the Democrats Calling for Violence!

Inciting for civil unrest. WTF are Republicans? This is pretty disturbing!

Another “public servant” who promotes, advocates for and raises support for the insurrection in our current Civil War. Under the XIVth Amendment, Section 3, she may not hold federal or local public office. As an insurrectionist she needs to be captured and held in POW facilities (under the Geneva Convention) until the insurrectionists all surrender, however long that takes. The previous Civil War lasted almost 5 years.

and now the lies and the unhinged!

Morning Mika suffers on-air meltdown

Wow, you’d think she’d be a little bid more informed. Everything she accuses Trump of has been debunked and the governors are in charge of the states, not Trump.

But, the brain dead eat this up. So, there she is.

I know, its a little unsettling that people like her would be so willing to tell blatant lies and misinform her viewers, what ever those are at this point in time!

People like this, I don’t care what side you are on should be held accountable for ‘opinions’ stated as fact.

She’s really crossing a line - or just skirting it like a coward.

What is worse, this POS talking trash, or Republicans doing nothing to refute this obscene behavior?

What can Republicans do? There are plenty that condemn it publicly.

What can Republicans do? For starters band together to hold a press conference to address this, because so far I have not seen such effort! You got the traitor Romney out there talking smack about mail in voting and all that other nonsense! I am so sick and tired of this crap from both parties, AKA the insider club to undermine the People’s Will and Mandate!

I think the news speaks for itself. It’s pretty common knowledge the Republicans don’t endorse this. Why bring attention to themselves to detract from what is blatantly disgusting behavior?

What will it change? I think the moderate Democrats are the ones who need to hold a press conference denouncing this behavior as well as the behavior of Pelosi, et. al.

Otherwise they are going to lose the party to the likes of the squad.

You mean the do nothing Republicans, establishment RINOS? They are just as much in the tank as the Democrats! Yeah sure there are still some good apples with good intentions but the other half rather remove Trump and let the country go up in flames so the theft and graft can continue! I wonder what burning down Romney’’s house would look like? Or Paul Ryan’s? Do they burn a different colour?

I don’t have the answers. Politicians seem to look out more for their own hides than they do for ours.

Who’s fault is that ultimately? The voters.

To a point you are correct but not until they been in there for 30+ years and leave office as multi-millionaires. The have gamed the system!

The fact that Republicans are silent on this issue demonstrates that they are on board with the unrest that the left is pushing.


I can’t remember who said this recently, it was somebody around here, that the left has no principles. And that’s why they can pivot to supporting opposite beliefs without the slightest hint of recognition this is dishonest. They actually do have a principle and it’s really easy to understand: Always support my own team no matter what. That’s it.

That’s why they can call republican women stupid whores but then cry bloody murder if someone says that about democrat women. To you this might seem two faced, but it’s perfectly consistent for them. So once you realize it’s not a debate about principles but just an arm wrestling match, you can stop depending on useless moral appeals and treat it as a pure contest of strength.