This is Europe now under elite socialism/communism

Macron oppression. MSM doesn’t want you to know or see this. This is France under the liberal elite dictator Macron. Shame.
MSM wants to distract you with Venezuela but don’t fall for it.

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Yellow Vest organizer Jerome Rodrigues, 40, was “handicapped for life” last weekend after being struck with a projectile fired by police, which his attorney said was a flashball. Rodrigues addressed a Paris crowd on Saturday before the day’s protests.

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A certified badass and a true patriot.

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You see to be unaware that Macron’s platform is LESS “socialist” than France is right now.

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That’s simply false. The thing that we refer to as “communism”—in quotes because I doubt the usefulness of the term—is a specific form of socialism, Marxism–Leninism. Excepting Nazism, Falangism, and fascism, the totalitarian ideologies of the twentieth century were descendants of Marxism–Leninism. “Communism” isn’t “socialism” plus a “gun”.

Macron is not a socialist. He ran on a platform that is called “neoliberal”: privatization, business-friendly policies, free trade, and so on. While the “Yellow Jackets” may be protesting higher gas taxes, they’re also calling for things like a maximum wage. That’s not something Macron supports.

And the “communism” that Lenin is referring to is not the same thing as what is commonly meant by the term today. Lenin was a Marxist, so when he spoke of “communism”, he was referring to a anarchistic state of affairs with private property or classes.



Sure, but you haven’t. All I see in this thread from you are captioned photographs. Maybe picture books are more your thing.

I’d rather see picture books than read your drivel.

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Okie-doke. Great conversation.

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