Third World Muslim Migrant in Netherlands Terrorizes Young Dutch Boy Naked at Gunpoint

Hey Europeans, have you had enough diversity yet?

I am sure once Twitter finds this third world piece of shit threatening to kill a naked white boy at gunpoint they will memory hole this immediately. I downloaded the video so it can’t get scrubbed by those who want to deny that multiculturalism is anything but total failure and an act of war against the host population.


Import the third world and you suffer at their hands.


That is a brave SCUMBAG pointing a gun at an unarmed naked boy !!Someone should have come up behind him and shot him.So much for the members of the religion of peace.

How did this guy even get into this situation? I’ll be goddamned if I’m gonna let some brown fucker make me strip naked and beg for my life.

I think the designers and dreamers of the EU are so hell-bent on creating a borderless single super-state that the ends justify the means and as they are one world globalist in the first place, people and culture really don’t matter to them…this will keep happening until the people have had enough or until they are replaced as the majority.

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I’d like to think that if I were about to get snuffed out I wouldn’t be crying and shaking like a bitch. None of us get to pick the time and place of our death. It’s better to go out fighting than on your knees begging.

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I seriously doubt Twitter will take that video down. It shows a white guy being humiliated by a POC. This is the type of content these leftists live for.

Coming to a city and town near you soon…

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This shit makes my blood boil. Everyone in the West needs to rise up against these animals and send them back to their third world shitholes where they belong.

That’s why the EU wants its own military - because the politicos know they’re soon going to need it. What they’re too dumb to realise is that not only is it already too late, but they won’t be able to recognise the enemy because it isn’t identifiable by a uniform. Fucked if I know how this is gonna play out.

It’s the survival instinct kicking in I expect, and it’s a powerful instinct?

I am never unarmed. I know the day could come I go down; but I know damn well, I won’t go down whimpering or begging for my life. Hello Europe, hello America, hello Civilized World. Remember this: “If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”. It does appear the civilized world is a glutton for punishment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This about covers it:

Remember the BLACK PLAGUE that decimated Europe. Well the plague was also an immigrant. Digest that piece of truth. Black Death. A widespread epidemic of bubonic plague that occurred in several outbreaks between 1347 and 1400. It originated in Asia and then swept through Europe, where it killed about a third of the population. There are many types of plagues, but there is only one degree of death. EXAMPLE: b Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -](

Eastern European do NOT want Muslims to set foot on their lands. Viktor Orban is a bit of a transnational hero in that region as he knows the dangers of letting Muslims in. I just returned from a visit there.

Perhaps, we can ask our Muslim forum member “khyber” for his views here. Or maybe, he’d like to “khyber pass” this thread.

I actually thought that Ebola was going to finish us off. Needless to say, it only takes one person who is infected to come here from Africa and it’s so highly contagious it could become an epidemic within a couple of weeks.