Think that quadruped Foxx is bad?

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Imagine sending a novice with zero experience in government to the position of police oversight.


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Not just a novice- a thug mamma of a dead thug married to a member of the Crips.
Of course she did star center stage at the 16 Dem Convention…

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I had to click on the link to figure out what was going on. As soon as I saw that ugly mug I knew all hope was lost. If anyone lets that thing in the state house they deserve the fate they get.

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Why not, hell we elected Obama with little more experience to the highest position in the country. Look how well that turned out for us!


Ferguson was messed up way back when I lived in west county StL back in the '80s.

This is not even outside the error bars for them.

Do you just love Affirmative Action , quotas and minority preference in government ? :roll_eyes:

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She lost the election. But hey… she is on her way up. Too bad that no amount of formal education will be able to teach her that her son was a thug.

Good for her for getting her diploma. If only she didn’t raise a son who ended up being a thug he might actually still be alive today! Now she is going to decide policy for other people if she is elected? What could possibly go wrong?

But it’s not affirmative action, quotas or minority preference, it’s voter stupidity.

People no longer chose the best qualified, the best and the brightest in their search for social justice.

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This makes me wonder…why do people like Abraham Lincoln so much?

What makes you think anyone likes AL???

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It’s affirmative action via quotas that allowed that dumbass in law school ahead of better qualified students . It was diversity that gave her the nomination by the democrat party . When it comes to whites there is NO 14th Amendment or a civil rights act that applies to them . Chicago just hit the trifecta of diversity with the new Mayor , BLACK ,WOMEN , LESBIAN , HARD TO TOP THAT !!!

He ignored the constitution when he arrested editors, tore up printing presses, and arrested legislators, and the habeas corpus law. That could make him well liked today . :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ahh , yeah they guzzled that foul tasting kool-aide down to the last smelly drop !! :rage: