They Said If I Voted Trump Segregation Would Return. And They Were Right!

More than 75 universities now host a “blacks only” graduation ceremony.

Add to that the numerous universities that puts the blacks in housing away from whites, Latinos and Asians.

Water fountains too?

It was in FULL effect with OBAMA !!! Obama spent 8 years dividing the Nation , today if you are white and say things like fried chicken , water melon , cotton picking , big lips , you will get FIRED !!!


Much of today’s segregation is self imposed. Blacks are proficient at establishing “black only” groups.


does anyone know if Obama had a son would he look like Trayvon Martin

Remember black college student saying white were not allowed in their snowflake zone because they wanted a “safe zone” !!!
Isn’t that something . :roll_eyes:

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