There was the Knock out Game, Now there is the Skateboard Smash!

People are looking for the guy with the skateboard in this video. I wonder if you can guess why? 4chan found him and pain is coming for him. His name is Joe Crowshoe!

The lesson for the victim is: don’t do drugs! Maybe that smack in the head was his wake-up call.

Damn! That guy just stood there. He should have beat that skinny retard’s ass!

He had to be either really drunk or really high.

Let’s hope that skateboard bash to the face knocked the degeneracy out of him and filled him with nothing but blind rage for the rest of his life. This is good.

The other guys needs some Karma retribution as well!

Apparently the hunt for Crowshoe is intensifying to the point he deleted his twitter account! 4chan posted these!