The Worst Karen Thread

Lately the term “Karen” has become more frequently used! People are freaking going insane and this is just stupid! Like the rest of the posts that follow, we see idiot women like this attacking people for not wearing a mask. It’s seems people like her can’t mind their own fking business!

Video of the incident, originally shared on Reddit, was captured by a body camera worn by the man’s friend and shows the confrontation was initiated by the couple as they walked past the man and his friend as they were about to enjoy a meal on a bench in Manhattan Beach, California.

“Ya’ll need to be wearing masks,” the woman can be heard telling them after noticing they didn’t have their masks on. The friend of the person filming then tells her he can’t eat his burrito with his mask on as the man recording explains to them that they’re “on the other side of the fence” and don’t “believe in this stuff.”

The woman’s husband then starts arguing with the man’s friend. “What are you looking at me for? I didn’t say shit to you. Get the f*ck out of my face!” the man says before the woman douses him with her hot beverage.

“That was dumb,” the man filming can be heard saying as his friend runs over to the husband and lands a few punches on him. The man’s girlfriend tries to intervene and tears the man’s shirt off.

“You shouldn’t have thrown the drink in his face. That was pretty stupid” the man filming tells the woman, who responds with “I don’t give a fck. I hope someone saw that. I would do it 10 times over mothercker.”

According to the Reddit user who posted the video the couple tries telling the cops that the man attacked them “unprovoked,” but his friend presented them with the bodycam and officers made the couple apologize to the men.

Apologize? Maybe the guy who got coffee thrown at him declined to press charges.

Any other issue that provoked the issue it would be assault.

Assault - On Monday, officers responded to a business in the 4800 block of N Heritage Pkwy in reference to an assault. An employee had quit and then threw hot coffee on her supervisor. The employee had left the scene prior to officers’ arrival. Officer completed a report for assault causes bodily injury

Crazy. The mask patrol are nuts.

Another Karen for the masses!

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That is probable. Then again cops are in fatigue mode and get these calls all the time I would imagine. So what is easier? More paper work or instruct the women to apologise? She got off easy this time, (I don’t mean the cops but the person she assaulted) she may not be so lucky next time, hence she said she would do it again “10 times over!”

Excellent Montage of “Corona Karens” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The term “Karen” is racist against white women.

Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary.

I get the concept. But what if a group of people started calling every shrieking and shouting black woman “Shanequa” - that would be characterized as racist…but the term “Karen” is not.

You are 20 years ahead of your time! In due course that will happen too, the outrage culture recycles pejoratives.

Can’t call a term like Karen racist as it applies to whites by whites

I’m over the “Karen” garbage, they’re typically the same morons I put in their place in HOA meetings. :smiley: I’m wondering when we’re going to start calling out LaShawnDa and LaQuisha and La-Ah. (La Dash Ah)

Funniest “karen” I ever met… the exchange went like this:
Karen: Oh, you bought the house on the corner? Yeah, I’m an interior designer and when they built it, we spent 2 months redoing it…
Me: “Don’t even worry about that, we fixed it in 3 days.”

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HOAs are the “Karen” equivalent of an organization.

A Karen wrote that…

I noticed the "Karen " term is used often in the BLM chatter, replacing the term “Honky” and synonymous with racist

wonder why they didn’t name it the Sharon or Sandra. Why Karen, will the name be retired as it has become slanderous?

People still name their kids Dick so I’m sure the name will continue on. :smiley:

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It’s the “K word” now

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