The world's first-ever 'Vagina Museum' has opened in London this month

This is a primary example of the cultural Marxists trying to impose their will in changing the paradigm of the current culture war being waged in Western societies. Is it no wonder that the common phrase from the extreme left is to replace the patriarchy? What do you think would happen if someone dared to have and host a “penis” museum? Leave your answers here!_______________

This is the Post Modernism mental illness that is most evident within the left of left trying to subvert traditional values of modernity!

There’s an area in San Francisco called “The Tenderloin” and it’s got lots of vagina museums, penis museums, who knows what else.

They have these museums all over the country already. It’s where I picked up my pocket pussy lol

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I pray for the cleansing fire to wash over us every day.



We aren’t going to get off that easy. The whole planet needs to turn gay while we are force fed bugs and soy. We have so much more pain to endure.