The "Woman of the Year" Award

The gross irony of Richard Levine AKA, “Rachel” winning the women of the year award by USA today still remains a patriarchy! Ha ha! Men can not be women, yet this latest doozey is only possible in bizarro world where we now have a media news paper showering accolades on transgender people and denying an actual biological woman the reward. This is so cringe worthy that you might call yourself a porcupine who swallowed a bucket of ice cubes when trying to process this latest bit of news and by the time the dust settles on this one we won’t be any more evolved only to remember Feminists are fking cowards for not pushing back on this issue .


I guess there’s a difference between being a legal female and being a biological male.

Lia Thomas is the real woman of the year.

Its disgusting and surely at this rate convergence in the clash of culture results in annihilation. Where are the Fems?

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I wonder how these girls parents feel about this “IT” showering with their girls while paying the outrageous cost for their education.

Female social circle are very ticky so never mind how the parents feel I’m sure many of them young woman feel incredibly uncomfortable but are unwilling to say anything publicly due to fear of being socially ostracized

Adults not just parents of people affected by this really need to make a public stand and stay if you was born a man you can’t just walk around with your cock and bullocks out in female changing rooms and you certainly can’t take away sporting opportunities from women

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Richard Levine and Lia Thomas should share the award as Shemales of the year and go on the View.

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Indiana governor vetoes transgender sports bill

INDIANAPOLIS — A bill that would have ban transgender girls from playing on girls sports teams was vetoed by Eric Holcomb Monday, while he signed legislation to allow concealed carry without permit.