The Wizard of Chaz!

Well if you have not heard, the people of Chaz (Seattle) have declared their independence from the United States and the State of Washington. They have guards and have constructed a makeshift fence. Looting and vandalism are just normal. The police chief and governor have closed there eyes and more or less ratified this anarchy. Now the city have accommodated them by bringing in portable toilets. Welcome to the world of neo Marxist!


That’s a lie, the vast majority are peaceful, and mayors and governors around the country refuse to turn their communities into police states as Trump would have…

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You have responded out of context.

We’re you not accusing those in CHAZ as being normally looters and rioters…:man_shrugging:

Yes that is what is happening.

No, that isn’t what’s happening at all. This is a peaceful demonstration where the citizens of the city have decided that they are better off taking care of their own community without the oppressive presence of a violent police department.

What program have you been watching?

No, they are NOT “normally looters and rioters”, that is incorrect.

Demonstrate your position that looting and rioting is the norm for the protesters in “CHAZ”…:man_shrugging:

The police department isn’t oppressive. Enforcing laws is oppressive for law breakers. That is what this boils down to for the looters.

I am not on the ground there, nor are you. Which ‘citizens of the city’ do you mean? Oh of course- the ones in matching black hoodies. There are conflicting reports of extortion of the shopkeepers there, no official complaints lodged, but that’s a bit like saying the shopkeeper 'Ivy League Mike" Brown strong arm robbed - wasn’t robbed because he backed off in fear for his life.

Once the ‘party’ is over, we’ll get a better picture of what is really happening there. One thing’s for sure- the people of Seattle were stupid enough to vote in Durkin, so they asked for the troubles they have.

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