The Whistler Blower Indentity is Being Revealed

There is is some interesting reports coming out today today about the possible identity of the whistler blower, and to our Commiecratic associates that is not a good look. What is being reported is that he previously traveled to Ukraine, worked for Biden, and was previously fired by the Trump administration. This plot thickens, as more is revealed to the true nature and motives of a guy, whose lawyers now have requested not to testify in person. Yeah right! (Sarcasm) In a nutshell, the entire impeachment charade is unraveling faster than a kitty with a ball of yarn, and the Democrats know it!

More on the Whistler blower and his legal team’s ridiculous request!

If the whistleblower isn’t revealed, how can we not think Dems will defraud our elections. The amoral don’t believe rules or laws apply to them . We need to demand election transparency or full video surveillance. They’ll stop at nothing to assure their power.

They think the American people are stupid and can’t see that this is completely manufactured bullshit.

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Since when has election fraud concerned you guys…:roll_eyes:

Really, and now there’s another whistleblower who’s identity IS already known who had the courage to testify today, even though the White House tried to prevent her from doing so.

Marie Yovanovitch told lawmakers that the State Department’s No. 2 official informed her that, although she had done nothing wrong, President Trump had lost confidence in her and that the department had been under significant pressure to remove her since mid-2018.

Yovanovitch was opposed to Trump’s ambition for the Ukrainian government to investigate American citizens. She had to be removed.

Hey numbnuts!

There is a thread just posted on Yavanovitch! She is going to be facing charges soon, and was purposely left in her position so that she would be caught in the act! So much for your lame theories!

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If the whistleblower proves to be who is described in the leading articles, it is indeed a bad look for Democrats, and taints the whole impeachment process with the stain of bias.

If it is shown that the whistleblower is a hardcore partisan, his testimony becomes worthless, and he will create a flood of sympathy for Trump, and a deep hatred for the Song. committees. This makes one understand why the Dems. are so concerned about keeping the i.d. of this guy secret.


Impeachment is political. You don’t think there was any bias to Clinton’s impeachment…:wink:

Doesn’t matter if the allegations are TRUE. Thus investigation will tell. Remember there were others that passed along information. The IC needs those people to testify.

Yes it does matter! Trying to frame your stupid argument on being political is irrelevant! This is where your shear ignorance shines right through of never having worked in the Federal Government and being blatantly obtuse about how such protocols and the law works! Yours is just an opinion based on bias of the news sources you read! It is evident you have no idea what you are talking about, yet again!

What comes out of Monte’s mouth on a daily basis!

No just a blue dress.

Some people will always argue the sun rises in the west.

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This is getting absurd! No president was ever impeached by some writing a letter! Very weak!

If the Dems accept that, it sets a precedent that testimony need only be in writing. That would be disastrous on so many levels. With no ability to cross, folks from the WH could simply send it in “I din see nothin”. Yeesh.

Yeah! They know walking a fine line between hyperbole politics and legal jeopardy is bound to ensnare them in their own trap! Testifying under oath gives away the ability to control the narrative, with written testimony their aim is to keep the hoax going. This smells more of desperation more than anything when the Biden scandal is revealing more corruption daily that is destined to destroy the Democrats credibility (what’s left of it:rofl:) and all they have left is keep the public focused on impeachment than the bigger issue of implicating a lot of people including the Clintons!

More on the absurdity of Schiff’s shiftyness!