The West Has Entered Late Stage E-Thottery; Capitalism is About to Collapse

What has a country come to when a thot can’t even go about her daily online thotting without hearing gunfire coming from out of the window?

It is just sad.

See, you need certain basic underlying factors to be stable to allow a whore to shake her booty for the bruddas online. Without these factors, the E-Thottery system cannot function. These include stable contracts, an agreed upon method of exchange, a stable WiFi connection, and sound conditions where the soft R&B playing in the background as the thot strips for the camera isn’t drowned out by Uzi fire coming from Somalis on Vespas.

I believe it was Jacques Lacan who postulated this theory.

“Once dem hoes can’t even be Tik Toking for likes and donations, you know that shit is about to go down and that the Communist revolution is nigh.” - t. Lacan


Come to think about it, my theory about E-Thottery being under attack as the last sign of a society about to go under in a turbulent revolution sounds a lot like what modern leftists like to talk about when they bring up the symptoms of Late Stage Capitalism.

I think they’ve been cribbing from my work. But that’s okay.


See, they think that Capitalism (which they define as any stable White society) can only go under when you destroy the underlying conditions that it needs to keep chugging along. The original Late Stage theorists thought that the system would just collapse on its own eventually as people developed “schizophrenia” in both the psychological and the redefined Marxist sense of the word.


I’m throwing a lot at you right now and I realize that. Here, let me break it down:

  • Schizophrenia occurs when people have identity issues
  • Identity is created by something called signifiers
  • Signifiers are your class, your ethnicity, your religion and other things that help you figure out your identity
  • Capitalism methodically works to destroy peoples’ signifiers to make them into consumers instead
  • Consumers have to buy their new identity from the same corporations who destroyed their old identity
  • Periodically changing your identity based on trends and not being able to rely on a stable identity leads to schizophrenia (in both the psychological and Marxist sense of the word)
  • Schizophrenics stop responding to the Capitalist system’s reward/punishment incentive structure
  • As society becomes more schizophrenic, the greater the chances for revolt
  • Marxists believe it is only the people who are crazy AF (no longer plugged into the system and identity-less) who can rise up in Communist revolt


But the Left was never content to just let the system collapse all on its own. They always worked to accelerate the schizophrenia in a vanguardist way.

They targeted families. They agitated against the religion of the Capitalists (Christianity). They then decided that since the workers refused to rise up in revolt in America, that they’d punish them and join big business in its quest to import brown workers instead.

They rationalized this as Capitalists selling them the rope that they (the Left) would hang them on eventually because, naturally, the Left planned to agitate the newly-arrived Brown hordes - sorry, I mean Workers - who were hostile to the system into a lather against the Capitalists (White people).

Brown Communism may have taken a bit longer than expected to get rolling, but it’s definitely on its feet and chugging now.


Would still bang tbh

And now that the Left believes we are well and into Late Stage Capitalism, they’re looking for signs proving that shit is about to go down.

Clearly, that time is now.

This is because we’re in Late State E-Thottery. You know shit is about to go down when a girl can’t even shake her booty for beta bucks online - the most basic function that Capitalism and Boomer Civilization was set up to enable. A tween girl twerking in the room of her absentee father’s home for horny Indians and getting e-tips for doing so is what Ronald Reagan envisaged when he founded our great nation. If you can’t have that anymore, then what more of a sign do you need to see that the whole system is about to collapse?


Seems pretty obvious to me, even though I only have a masters in Nazism and never finished my Marxism doctorate. Rest assured though, I’ll keep you posted on the latest harbingers of imminent Communist revolution.

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Wow!! People in Malmo can have Uzi’s?
Because obviously if they were illegal they wouldn’t be available…