The Week in Review Ending April 27th 2024

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You

#10 - Explosive report unveils the shocking truth about skin cancer and the sun.

#9 - Biden’s surprise live interview with Howard Stern goes sideways.

#8 - US birth rates plummet to lowest levels since 1979, failing to exceed replacement rate.

#7 - Michael Avenatti flips the script on Stormy Daniels. He says he is now willing to testify on Trump’s behalf.

#6 - Robert Kennedy Jr. reveals what the NIH isn’t telling you about mass shootings.

#5 - Biden wants to give himself “COVID-like” powers by declaring a climate emergency.

#4 - British thought police enter a Christian man’s home over a social media post.

#3 - Arizona Governor vetoes bill requiring proof of residency to vote.

#2 - Medical whistleblower says COVID jabs caused patients to “die so horrifically, so quickly.”

#1 - Elon Musk claps back at Australia’s censorship regime after Senator called for him to “be jailed” for allowing “misinformation” on 𝕏.


I have a hard time accepting Katie Hobbs as a legitimate governor of Arizona given the disastrous election oversight!


She’s about as legitimate as Biden is. :roll_eyes:


The main cause of skin cancer is sun screen which contains all kinds of chemicals which are outright carcinogenic as well as conducive to cancer.

Fishbein is a Joo and the Rockefellers a dynasty of crypto-Joos who have been running the AMA and the US mainstream for many years.

Covid or not (and clot shot or not), you just CANNOT trust them.


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I have never bought into the sun causes cancer bullshit. The sun is needed to sustain life in every facet of the world. But… the sun is bad… stay out of it! :joy:

Obviously, you don’t want to bake under it for extended periods of time, but other than that…

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I admit, my wife likes to use sunscreen on our 5 year old son, but now I have to seriously reconsider this practice.

I think she is a candidate for facing a firing squad in the future.

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Biden is counting on his " new comers" to complete his utter destruction of our Nation !!!
Remember -Abortions are on the rise in the United States, despite bans that have taken effect in more than a dozen states since the US Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that revoked the federal right to abortion in June 2022.

There were more than 1 million abortions in the US in 2023, the highest rate in more than a decade and a 10% jump from 2020, according to a study released Tuesday by the Guttmacher Institute, a research and policy organization focused on sexual and reproductive health that supports abortion rights. The latest trends also suggest that medication abortion is a more common option than ever.
Dems murdering dems .

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That seems like the plan for the 30,000 view. Also it amazes me how the leftists dumbass try to equate Abortion as a constitutional right. Amazing right?

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No surprise dummycrats destroy our Country and destroy their babies . We should be thankful we need less D’s in the world !!!


I don’t see taxes anywhere, so I’ll post this interesting little side note here: Historically, the winner of Presidential contests has never been the one that proposed tax increases.

I don’t see taxes anywhere, so I’ll post this interesting little side note here: Historically, the winner of Presidential contests has never been the one that proposed tax increases.

Hooray for Bidenwood!,
His head is hollow as his fatherhood,
He screws up everything he could,
we knew he would,
he just can’t keep his story straight.

He’s been in government,
so long he owns the US Mint,
He’s grabbing dollars,
while he hollers
how Trump is nothing but a crook.

He’s stealing sniffs of hair
and grabbing little girl’s underwear
He’s getting richer,
you get the picture,
he rakes it in from everywhere

He’s getting special care
he’s China’s agent and we’re all aware
He’s stealing money, it isn’t funny
He can do it anywhere.

Hooray for Bidenwood
He shoots his mouth off like we knew he would,
His family’s cheating on their taxes,
as he relaxes,
and drinks his cocktails on his beach.

He likes to be Uncle Joe
he’s close to Putin and we all know
he’s getting kickbacks
and lots of greenbacks
and there’s diamonds in every pocket, too.

Hooray for Bidenwood!
Trump’ll give ‘em all the time he should.
A private berth, he’ll serve the nation
Kansas vacation, in Fort Levenworth

Hooray for Bidenwood!!

Didn’t George Bush Sr. promise: “Read my lips. No new taxes” and introduce new taxes during his Presidentcy?

Actually, some say he was President for 3 terms because the Reagan Presidency was run by him.

You know, the two party system is a fraud.
Dem, GOP, Dem, GOP, flip flop, flip flop, pursuing the same agenda: New World Order, whilst the sheep, deeply in sleep and trance, think there’s “democracy” at work.


It is a monster under the bed, it’s true! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You are so right !!! It’s the will of the lobbyist and not of the people .

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Yes, Geo Sr reneged on his promise and got thrown out of office. I remember my retort at the time, “Read my lips; no second term.”

I remember his slip of the lip. What I’d like to know is why the GOP isn’t showing that clip once a week?

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I was unfortunate to be alive and witness that at the time!

Uniparty , all working for the same guys .