The Weaponization of Earth Quakes?

After reading this, I was rather disturb to entertain what was being presented in this article is actually possible. Yes in order to understand the bigger picture required reading is a must to understand fully what is at stake in the larger perspective.

I am also sure that I am not the first person here to bring up this topic here, however after reading this article it scared the hell out of me to think what our US military is up to.

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Earthquake as a weapon is not new.
The technology existed already in WWII.

Earthquake bomb - Wikipedia.

Tsunamis are much easier to create.

But the technology has since evolved making it much more devastating and efficient. In the author’s article she premised something like Turkey’s earthquake and a day before a US Navy ship was spotted in the region. Coincidence?

In your understanding explain how an Earthquake can be ignited? Do they use explosives or sound waves?

Like any technology, the earthquake weaponization developed and became more efficient in the last 80 years.

I don’t know much about HAARP, but I understand that you can manipulate seismic activities electronically now.