The US Government Shutdown is Unconstitutional

If they are anything like my federal employee ex-brother-in-law, no they aren’t, nobody but the government would ever hire or keep that idiot on the payroll.

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Just look at the bunch who “work” at the DMV. Not exactly the cream of the crop.

Seems to cover probably half of government workers that includes state and local also.

WTF ? Where the hell did you shit that out ? Many hard working Americans get furlough and almost ALL hard working Americans DO NOT get their FULL pay for work they NEVER performed !!! OMG

so a bunch of bureaucrats are out of work temporary, what is the problem?

None…can’t see where it’s effecting me. I’m starting to think this shut down is fake news.


When your laid off in the private sector you rely on unemployment until you find another job

No sugar daddy to pay you for the unproductive time


Last time I went to the DMV a young lady took care of my business

As it turns out she graduated a year ago and the job qualifies for the 10% plan

Ever year she works the government eliminates 10% of her student loans

This got me thinking about all of those essential employees. You know, the ones who HAVE TO show up for work no matter what. Why don’t we just get rid of all the non-essential employees right now. Then take 50 percent of what they were making and give the essential employees a raise and roll the rest of the money back into paying down the debt. Now we have people who are actually performing essential functions getting paid for the work they were probably stuck doing anyway from all the non-essential people who weren’t doing squat. Seems like a nice reward.


Alot of the essential ones need to go too, turn airport security back over to the airports and airlines as one example.

Seek does not necessarily equal find.

Are you aware the Republicans in the house voted enmass to pay government workers without the budget being passed and the dems enmass voted against paying government workers.

Interesting how you didn’t;t read about that in the MSM.