🇺🇸 THE UNREAL official presidential thread 2024 🇺🇸

Not to mention creating fake accounts because he has no friends that will give him likes here or purposely bump duplicate threads because he is so desperate for attention. Pathetic loser is who does such things!

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Going out to ring doorbells for trump today/. What are you doing?


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Would you like to come knock on doors for trump?

I wouldn’t be surprised when Nikki Haley gets destroyed by Trump that she doesn’t try to run as an independent.


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Trump to visit Ohio today. Leadership

More leadership than we have right now.

Most ever . Even Patton

Fox News is going to lose a ton of viewers if they are going to ignore trump. This is bull shiat. You know Paul Ryan is behind this.

This is what it’s all about!

A box of bottled water? LOL… okay.

He delivered tons of it to Ohio

I know. I was just having a little fun at your expense. :wink:

It’s call real leadership… I don’t see Ron DeSantis out here… wait he has no money lol.

This guy’s last words were Ron DeSantis sucks… maybe we should listen to him

Good morning AMERICA! Let’s get up and get it done today!

TRUMP 2024!