The United States seen from overseas by expats

It is often the case that people outside the country can understand it better than those inside.

Gonzalo Lira, a dual citizen of Chile and US, is in Ukraine and got arrested for the second time a few days ago by the Ukrainian authorities for telling the truth about the conflict there.

I don’t know exactly where Mark Sleboda is, but I assume he is somewhere in Russia. His name sounds Slavic and I assume he knows the Russian language.

These two guys grew up in the US, and now being outside the US, seem to understand what’s happening in the US better.

Indeed, what is the mighty Kiev regime afraid of?

Gonzalo Lira is just a businessman, married to a woman from Kharkov, a sloppy dresser and chain-smoker with a lousy sense of humor.


It is obvious to see (if you’re outside the US) that the US is run by a handful of Neocon Zionists.