The United States is NOT Indivisible...It is being the Democrats

With the Democrat Party controlling the committees in the House of Representatives, we are seeing unprecedented alteration of the procedures and historical protocol instigated by liberals in their relentless drive to undermine the principles upon which this great nation, its constitution and its basic ethical standards were founded.

The liberals have removed the mention of God from our schools. They have bowed to the atheists and prohibited team prayers led by football coaches prior to kick off, they have made heroes out of anti-American disrespect for our flag and anthem, they have assigned normalcy to people who consider their gender to be a choice…all in the name of “political correctness” and some aversion to offending someone.

It doesn’t matter how many conservatives are offended. What matters to the Democrat Party is that even just ONE of their own being offended calls for a shutdown of whatever upset their voter.

The hearings tomorrow with Nadler in charge should be interesting.

Here the bastard is in another committee hearing where the KFC eating idiot is the Chairman.

These people are anti-American assholes!!


Speaking of the hearings here is an interesting piece by Sundance and the predictable move the Demonrats have just orchestrated!

Our liberals and the Liberal Party itself divide our society too (UK) with their flawed or simplistic rationales on various important subjects which they can’t understand. I call them our ‘enemy inside’ because eventually they’ll destroy our country. Sounds like your Democrats are exactly the same.


You are much further along than we are and at least we are trying to fight back! However with BoJo, there maybe hope for you after all!

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You can’t possibly fight back for the simple reason that you have no way of identifying IS members from civilians? Someone ought to point that out to the Pentagon big cheeses - why don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What does that got to do with this thread topic! IS has nothing to do with fighting Marxists liberals!

You’re the one who first mentioned IS? Never mind - I can tell you don’t wanna answer my question.

Oops! Reading back thru the thread it looks like I got sidetracked. Sorry.

This has nothing to do with the thread topic!

That’s what I apologized for?? :roll_eyes:

Called The ‘The Enemy Within’ Here, For A Long Time
They Want To Fundamentally Change (Tear Down) The United States
And Replace It With A Socialist State

Their Candidates With Blanket Support Of Our News Media
Don’t Even Try To Hide It Anymore

I think all of this anti-America crap is coming back to bite them. They are absolutely tanking in about every poll there is. I know polls matter a lot less after 2016 but I still think there is some validity to approval polls. Even the polls that are paid for by the DNC have them doing badly. It’s also the reason why the Trump re-election campaign has a massive war chest that is growing by the day and the Democrat candidates just can’t seem to get out of their own way on just about every issue.

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It will only serve as a lesson for future candidates to sound more middle of the road to win elections.

This is in keeping with politicians being practiced in saying whatever it takes to get elected and then doing whatever they please after being elected.

I have heard several times of politicians being in favor of something when speaking to a group of people that promote it, then against it in a speech to a crowd that opposes it.

Politicians LIE about their convictions depending on the targeted audience.

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