The United States Does NOT Have a Gun Problem

There was 30,000 gun related deaths by firearms in 2016.

The U.S population as of 2016 was 324,059,091.

That’s only 0.00925% of the total U.S population that died from a gun-related event.

What is never told by the anti-truth fake news MSM and the communist Constitution shredding Left is a detailed breakdown of those 30,000 deaths and a direct comparison to other common causes of death in America over the same timeframe.

65% of those 30,000 deaths are by suicide which will never be prevented by any type of gun law.

• 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and justified.

• 17% are through criminal activity, gang, and drug-related or mentally ill persons. Otherwise known as actual gun violence.

• 3% are accidental discharge deaths.

That 30,000 gun death number now drops down to 5,100.

What percentage of these gun deaths are spread across the country?

• 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago (32% BLACK population)

• 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore (62% BLACK population)

• 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit (79% BLACK population)

• 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (50% BLACK population)

25% of ALL U.S gun crime happens in just four Democratic ran major U.S cities (this is INSANE!) with a massive black majority population or has almost a 2.5x larger black population (Chicago) than the actual national black population (13%).

3,825 gun deaths remain for the rest of the country which comes out to be 76.5 deaths year per state.

To put that 3,825 gun deaths number into some more perspective in one Mexican city named Juarez in 2010 there was over (at least hundreds maybe thousands more were murdered by filed as missing persons and never found) 3,700 MURDERS in one city in one year.

In comparison…

• 40,000 people die annually from a drug overdose.

• 36,000 people die annually from the flu.

• 34,000 people die annually in traffic fatalities.

• 200,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors .

• 710,000 people die per year from heart disease .

The communist Left doesn’t care about saving people’s lives they only care about destroying the Constitution, America, and confiscating every last gun in America.

America does not have now or ever a gun problem.

What we do have is a massive…

  • Suicide problem (mostly committed by straight white males).
  • Drug problem (legal and illegal).
  • Children growing up with no biological father problem (40% of white kids and 74% of black kids).
  • Democrats running major cities problem.
  • Young black males (age 15-35) gun problem.
  • Emotional, spiritual, and mental issues problem with people.

But not a gun problem.


I was asked if the reason I carry a gun was because I was frightened or paranoid. Why should I be frightened of anyone; I’m armed.


The problem is there are still enough armed citizens in the US to push back when shit hits the fan. Make no mistake, the traitors are dead set on taking those arms away though as they have been for several years working towards the end goal of eliminating our liberty and “fundamentally changing” this country into something our Founding Father’s would roll in their graves over. They’re not even pretending to hide it anymore either. That’s how brazen they’ve become. And why not? They’ve already managed to disarm most of the rest of the planet.

I think our biggest gun problem is that we don’t have enough guns.

That and the ones we do have are being taken out of the hands of the people who should have them and placed into the hands of those who shouldn’t.


Well Swallwell is running on the anti-gun platform, so yeah they are not hiding it anymore!

They have enough sheep backing them. I just got done putting an idiot in Australia on another board in his place over the recent NZ mosque shooting and gun law changes. He had no idea the guns used in the shooting were purchased online. Even pointing out how he’s being misled by the media has no effect though. Once indoctrinated, always indoctrinated with some people.

Australia is a waste of time, they had a national confiscation program that got rid of their rights to own a firearm.

I agree. This particular idiot now spends most of his time going online bloviating about the gun control laws in the US though. From Australia. :roll_eyes:

I just enjoy pointing out (routinely, I might add) that this clueless individual has no idea what the hell he’s talking about just in case someone has the silly notion to actually listen to him.

Yeah, he’s a real piece of work.

This was an interesting article in response to Swalwell’s anti-gun platform a few months ago in Dec 2018.

If liberals were really concerned about these “mass shootings” they would be lifting some of the restrictions on purchasing firearms so that people could defend themselves from these mass shooters. Not adding even more restrictions and turning them into even bigger sitting ducks.

These victims are solely a means to an end. Is anybody even still talking about the victims at Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc? Has anyone looked at the Federal Bureau of Incompetence background checks that allowed the completely legal sale of firearms to people who should never have passed those background checks in the first place? (I’m looking at you, Florida.)

Gun laws don’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Criminals don’t follow gun laws. Or any other laws for that matter. That’s why they’re called criminals.

Can you explain what you mean here?

The Florida night club shooter who the FBI knew had publicly stated he had ties to Al Qaeda and yet still passed not one but two background checks. You know, the same background checks that were supposed to screen people like him from being able to legally purchase guns. Supposedly.

Assume when the left talks about guns, gun deaths and stats, and the second amendment, you can guarantee that they make up shit, dont know shit, and repeats shit.

They are always cherry picking incidents, avoids telling the truth and quite frankly is clueless on how the real world works.

They will never discuss incidents where guns have saved lives, the N.R.A keeps stats on it, and for those Libs and leftists that says " oh you can trust the N.R.A"

The N.R.A publishes these stats monthly in their magazine and they get their numbers from local newspaper reports from all over the country.

As you know there is no federal agency data on how many lives were saved by guns because it goes against their narrative, thank God local newspaper outlets for the most part dont follow these guidelines and actually reports real news.

I agree with the OP the USA does NOT have a gun problem, we have a criminal and mentally ill gun problems and idiotic leftist problem

Our problem is we should be more free to use our guns and resolve our own problems without the need for law enforcement.

OK Thanks…

Law Enforcement wouldn’t be a problem if the police were still there to “protect and serve” the public. They aren’t. They are merely the strong arm of the government now. Be that local or Federal. The SCOTUS has even said that Police have no duty to protect you from criminals. That isn’t their job. Yet, elements in the same government that employs the police say we as citizens shouldn’t have guns to protect ourselves either. Think about that for a minute.

Dylan Roof was another FBI mistake. The FBI background checks don’t really seem to prevent these shootings, if the background checks are done at all. Many of the mass shootings the shooters never went through the background checks anyway because they didn’t purchase their guns legally in the first place. The only people who are 100% convinced that we need even more background checks are the people who are also pushing to disarm legal gun owners.