The tyranny of technocracy

For instance, China has implemented plans to become the leader in artificial intelligence systems by the year 2030. The market for artificial intelligence is greatest in its application to facial recognition technology (estimated to be $9.6 billion by 2022). Currently, China has almost its entire population of 1.4 billion people scanned into their facial recognition databases (CNBC article, May 16, 2019). India, too, has over 1 billion people in their biometric databases.

When you are a clueless loon or a total tard you fall for all the shove your way including the morons putting chips in their hand-- and some their heads lol.

China was the proving grounds for the tech companies. There is something more deeper, darker sinister plan at work here. COVID-19 was part of that plan to exacerbate the next phase while keeping everyone distracted.

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Its all a distraction…