The Truth About The 2nd Amendment

No it will not! Its nearly impossible for it requires a Constitutional Convention to be called by two-thirds of the legislatures of the States and must be approved by three-fourths of the states and that simply is not going to happen. If it does, you and me will be dead and long gone before that happens.

Two words for you, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

A determined insurgency equipped with even outdated and obsolete weapons can and has fought the world’s most powerful militarires, including our own to a stalemate and sent them home in defeat.

The Afghans did it to 3 of the most powerful armies on earth.

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And the logical view.

Or it can be neutered by the courts which has been with varying levels of success since the first NFA act.

We’ve been slowly clawing it back now for about 75 years.

Any draconian move to do so again will almost certainly end in bloody revolution.

Trust in the federal gov’t is at it’s lowest level in the US since the US civil war.

War is business, a significant portion of our economy is dependent upon it, the permanent war economy following WW2, Eisenhower’s warning about it ignored. It’s where we’re at. It’s not about “winning” that would defeat the purpose.

Lame deflection. We’ve used everything but nukes and chemical weapons in Afghanistan and still failed to defeat a bunch of illiterate goat herders equipped with worn out junk from the Soviet occupation and even dating back to the British occupation.

Give me fists and I will fight my way to a knife.

Give me a knife and I will fight my way to a handgun.

Give me a handgun and I will fight my way to a rifle.

Give me a rifle and I will fight my way to an RPG and explosives.

When I have all of these I will defeat you and my warriors will appear out of the dust, sand, grass, bricks, trees, and from behind every rock to surround you, demoralize your army and defeat it.

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Section 1385, in 1878. Congress has also enacted a number of statutes that authorize the use of land and naval forces to execute their objective. The Posse Comitatus Act outlaws the willful use of any part of the Army or Air Force to execute the law unless expressly authorized by the Constitution or an act of Congress.

Do you see this congress agreeing on anything ?

My point was that that guy on that ass may have just armed a mine that cancels out all the advantages of the most powerful army the world has ever seen !

If America loses it’s basic freedoms that made America the envy of the world , I would feel obligated to resist the socialist attempting to enslave my fellow Americans !

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Really? I never heard that one before. :thinking:

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I don’t know whether it’s envy or a desire to freeload off of a generous welfare system, but there does seem to be a huge crowd of people wanting to get in.

We have such idiotic immigration laws and a really stupid “citizenship by birth on US soil” law that invite illegal aliens to jump the lines provided for legal immigration.

The only citizens threatening to leave our Great Nation are actors / resisters . On the other side we have people from all over the globe waiting for year to get a chance to enter our United States of America . You tell me .
(side note) once we deport all the illegals we will have more space for legal immigrants !

Nearly 14 million immigrants entered the United States from 2000 to 2010, and over one million persons were naturalized as U.S. citizens in 2008.

Immigrants and their U.S. -born children now number approximately 89.4 million people, or 28 percent of the overall U.S. population, according to the 2018 Current Population Survey (CPS).

We do have a good idea how many people are waiting overseas. The State Department keeps track of those numbers and publishes them annually, and we’re quickly approaching 5 million immigrants waiting abroad, which is an astounding number on its own.

I was talking about legal immigrants . Not the gate crashers .

In a poll done a few years back more than 100,000,000 worldwide said that if they could they’d pack up everything they own, and their families to move to the US if the opportunity was there.

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I was speaking of both. They all either envy our way of life or just want to take advantage of the generous welfare system.

I prefer the ones who ARE envious and want to work for a living, advancements and the possibility of becoming wealthy because of their efforts and ingenuity in our capitalistic society.

I prefer the ones who appreciate and intend to be a part of the huge group of responsible gun owners that we have.

I prefer the ones that want to be able to defend themselves, their families, the friends and any other innocent people in need of such defense.

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I think it can be said of both. Many immigrants come here, take advantage of our welfare system, use what they get from it to get educated, and work, their asses off and quickly launch themselves into the middle class or above.

Legal immigrants to the US advance far faster than many of our own citizens, particularly minorities because they still have that kind of drive our ancestors did, only now the welfare system makes it much easier for them.


Illegals are extorted and depress American wages .

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No question about that. Even legal immigrants in oversupply will depress wages and benefits.

labor is like any other commodity, demand sets the price.

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In the recorded history of the planet, no country has rocketed to the top as quickly as America. Sadly, the very freedoms that make us unique, are being used by the people who wish to see us shredded.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven.” Charles Marion Russell