The Truth About Governor Bill Clinton, Cocaine Smuggling, the Contras and Mena, Arkansas

This is a long but interesting read of the connections between then Governor Slick Willy Clinton, the Contras arms-for-drugs trades, and how the crash of an airplane brought about the exposure of massive criminal activities that would otherwise have never been known.

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A publication named “counterpunch” which no one has heard of. Sounds VERY credible lol

Perhaps you can disprove the information presented here. I seriously doubt you can legitimately dispute a single claim.

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Its the way Nihilist’s speak!

Somebody let the troll back in.

As I recall there was unfortunately no direct connection made to Clinton or any coke smuggling by the CIA proven.

Against the Clinton’s, no crimes are ever proven.

I have friends in Arkansas with first hand knowledge of Governor Bill cruisin’ the chicks at Little Rock high schools. I have a friend in Arkansas with first hand knowledge of the fact that Bill had full knowledge of the cocaine coming into Arkansas. Some of it went to the Governor’s mansion.

You can doubt every word printed in the article if you wish.

O. J. Simpson wasn’t proven guilty of slashing two innocent people to death…but I know damn well he did it!


The Clintons through 3rd parties, always keep their hands clean and let others face the consequences.

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Wasn’t it his brother Roger who said he had a nose for coke?

There is no connection because it never happened. This is nothing but completely made up tin foil hat conspiracy nonsense which is so common on the right.

You could tell me he raped the student body at a girl’s finishing school and I’d never have reason to doubt it.

That he may have been involved in cocaine smuggling is highly likely.

The only thing I’d contest is that there was ever any actual evidence the CIA was smuggling coke into the US.

Now, some of their pilots I knew firsthand were certainly the type who would be inclined to make some pocket money doing so but I have every reason to doubt any actual CIA involvement.

That and a whole lot of rather fortunate untimely deaths and disappearances.

I almost doubt they were ever involved themselves but they had and still have followers as ruthless as the hit squads of any dictator.

here2bqueer would believe the Clintons had nothing to do with Vince Fosters" SUICIDE" or Seth Richs “ALLEGED Robbery gone wrong murder” She must be a member of the Flat Earth Society.

No your ignorance is on full display here on a daily basis! It’s a matter of public record and if you had half a brain you would see that there is validity to the claims being made!

On the latter, Mark Furman fked that up!

It never helps your case when you get caught trying to frame a guilty man, especially with all of the racial animus around that case and makeup of the jury.

Don’t forget our MAN Vanatter who for whatever reason, kept the blood vial in his pocket for hours. What a detective!!!

Yes, a vial that had both blood and anticoagulant in it.

The DYKE probably wishes she had a chance to play the Presidential Skin Flute.