The Trolling Loser DaJackoof Returns: What did donnie do?”

he enlisted terriorists to raid the congress!!!

and he lost the house, senate. presidency in one term nobodies done that

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Yeah, he always maintains his plausible deniability for his trumpian supporters to shield themselves with…

But indubitably on the second point…

He SURE does… he may keep the crazies in for him but there are retrumpliCons that will
return to republicans after all this…and they’ll be done with the far right…it will divide the party…good!
The press needs to publize the shit out of this and keep it going for at least 2 weeks…the more they keep it going the more will be done with republicans

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Fixed the American fuel situation that had been fucked up since Carter and no other president between him and Carter did that. You can either thank Trump or pay $4/gal for gas tomorrow, k?
Fuck off, you commie stooge. Seriously. I can bitchslap you 9 ways to Sunday.
Please try me. Please?


STFU you commie indoctrinated goober. Thanks to your commie education, you are incapable of thinking your way out of a wet paper bag. Sucks to be you.


HEHEHEHE! You’re a silly little jag off…the kind of pimp that got his lunch stolen in the school yard and ran and cried to mommy…you’re a big and tuff wimpy little shit head hiding behind a computer …you suck all the diks you can find…you’ve spread sickness to your whole family…probably aids…

Oh ya your God trumputin is a Russian agent and evidence will be provided so when you start calling people commies look in the mirror and call up your commie president trumputin…moron

I hear you put your wife on the corner to earn money for rent can you prove that’s a lie…if so send her down to clean up some az holes at dr.manholes circle jerkers club…dress her up as a guy because dr.manhole here doesn’t like Ho’s he likes f-gs like you…

The hypocrisy level is off the chart with this one…lol.

Hey HOLEpatrol…how many days do you spend in dr.manhole circle jerkers club…
has dr. manhole let you into the center yet huh…so sad but typical for your group of
homoterrorists…pathetic but rest assured you fukups will be gone little by little and
sooner than later… your genius god trumputin made the mistake of his life now
he’s got many republicans in the house and senate against him and many people
are non against him…your a pile of fools… how good it is

Do you have anything intelligent to say?

And a 2nd impeachment for inciting an insurrection. What a great leader.

Look you ignorant leftist filth, are you trying to get out of this world faster? Because you may just achieve that.

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I kicked my girl to the curb for being a dishonest piece of shit that I didn’t want to associate with…just like you. Bitch.

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Sure plenty but only to people that can understand it huh… kinda of lets you out huh

Ya I’ve got door frames that would do a better job than donnie did…

Really and you love donnie trumputin wow that shows great logic huh…
you’re a waste of oxygen why don’t go and go into the woods and
blow your brains out…maybe what’s left over can be some good to
something out there cuz bunky you ain’t got anything goin on here…huh