The Toxic Story of Jordan Neely: UPDATE

In case you have missed this story, or simply passed it by, the Death of Jordan Neely on a New York Subway train has and is causing controversy from both political divides in what can be considered a rush to Judgement or the usual knee-jerk reactions from media pundits who are too quick to try to make this about race, and wanting to create another toxic narrative in order to stir up tensions just as the summer months are approaching.

So a brief synopsis of who Jordan Neely is and how he arrived to his death.

Mr Neely was a regular street performer on New York’s subway transit system who was known to be a ardent Michael Jackson Impersonator by performing his dance moves to daily commuters. He was well liked and well known and for the most part never appeared to be a danger to others.

Neely had another side to him that as of right now is not being told and that is he had some mental issues, as well as struggling with Homelessness.

One day on one of the commutes Jordan Neely appeared to be having a Psychotic episode to the point he was getting aggressive with some passengers and appeared that he was a threat to them. That is where a 24 year old Marine Vet grabbed him from behind and put him in a choke hold in order to restrain him until the police arrived on the scene. When Neely was transported to the hospital it was some time between leaving the scene and being transported to the hospital that Neely died.

What is crazy about this story is the two narratives being driven along racial overtones because Penny was white and Neely was black to which protests have been staged and angry mobs gathering and being vocal were asking why Penny hasn’t faced charges yet. What is worse is the likes of the squad of AOC, Talib and Pressely all trying to label this as being a murder while inciting a rush to judgement against Penny putting him in danger thanks to the squad irresponsible commnents on social media.

One side of the argument is the New York Times article which for the most part is largely written in almost objective manner.

Then there is this guy who takes exception to the people like AOC using this tragedy for their own bully pulpit.

It’s really sad that Jordan Neely, as wrong as he was in a lot of situations is having his corpse dragged about social media for politicians to push nebulous platforms of “anti-racism” that they know they can’t do anything towards.

I also hate it for the Marine and those other guys on the subway who prob just needed the public transit because New York City has disincentivised car usage. They get to be subjected to this stuff.

But the system as a whole is Broken. Neely should have never been in the subways as there’s a provision for people like him known as Kendra’s Law for people who are unhinged and a danger to themselves and others. Named after Kendra Webdsle who was pushed onto SUBWAY tracks by a man with Schizophrenia, it is supposed to be an alternative to keep close watch and supervision over people like Jordan Neely but the same idiots who are calling Neely’s death “White supremacy” called this law:

-Targeting people of Color
-Invalidating the rights and autonomy of the mentally ill
-Fostering a distrust between Provider and Patient
-Wasteful as it diverted resources & was coercive.

Now look. Those same progressives now double dip on the tragedy bus and use the death of a black man with mental illness and possible destruction of the lives of people who stepped in to restrain him as political fuel and click bait to keep creating stupid campaigns where they only attack symptoms and make the overall problem worse.

Watch some FULL videos of Neely, watch videos of the actual event and note how many people needed to restrain him and that the hold fell within NYs use of force guidelines to “negate the threat” (Neely kept struggling and would not stop fighting or thrashing despite the hold being loose.)

People who have never fought or wrestle will claim this to be a “Lethal hold” not understanding what ACTUAL strangulation looks like when you actually sink a hold like that in. Also consider that we don’t even have a Toxicology Report yet and you can REALLY see how stupid a lot of the Activist claims are.

But don’t expect brilliance from AOC, Tlaib, Pressley, or any of the “Activist” politicians making this situation worse. ~ Malcom Flex

Look up


Summer is getting closer and thus they need another Floyd to set off fires again.


These freaking idiots never heard of the “third rail” ?

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I think this story has already peaked and may no longer have the currency that the igniters were hoping for.

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Everyone is over it. George Floyd was enough… no need for part deux.

That was my impression when reading about this incident. What else would spark a full blown riot? Will the white boys come out?

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No! They are too busy blowing smoke up everybody’s a$$ on forums like these. They always talk smack but are short on any action!

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The footage that MSM is trying to keep suppressed by not playing it!

Update: 05/12/2023

To every Daniel Penny out there who sees evil in a blue city and wants to intervene: don’t do it.

Your political leaders have already betrayed you, and you don’t have any rights.

It goes against every instinct in your bones, but you must have discipline. Tactical withdrawal.

The illiterate fools who can’t read here!

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I was reading that Go Fund Me denied his supporters the use their services. But he was able to raise over million dollars within the first day of using a Christian alternative similar to gofundme.

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Vivek Ramasawmy, and Kid Rock are a few who contributed from what I understand.

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More to the story and why Penny’s case is much more important when it comes to our Judicial system and race baiting from both our political leaders and the MSM.

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