The things to come

*Circa September 15th: CNN will cite anonymous sources in a report claiming Trump once ran while carrying scissors in a fifth-grade art class, needlessly and recklessly endangering lives. Eventually, the anonymous sources will admit that he wasn’t truly running, but proceeding at a slow trot, while emphasizing that his behavior was “inexcusable none-the-less.”

*Circa September 21st: The New York Times will cite anonymous sources in a front-page story alleging that Trump once looked only one way before crossing a street, not both ways, in direct contravention of his mother’s express wishes and direction. Days later, another source will surface on Fox News, noting that there was no traffic coming from the other direction because the road was closed, but the rest of the legacy media will refuse to acknowledge the new information.

*Circa September 30th: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, hands trembling, breathlessly will recount a story an “anonymous insider close to the Trump family” gave her. Maddow says, “Apparently, when younger, Trump once called a drugstore and asked the clerk who answered if the store had Prince Albert in a can. The clerk said that, yes, the store did have the then popular tobacco product, to which Trump replied, ‘Well, you’d better let him out then, hadn’t you,’ and promptly hung up.

*Circa October 5th: Salon will cite highly placed, “unimpeachable” (though anonymous) sources in a story alleging that the president recently killed and ate his son Barron.

*Circa October 13th: The Daily Beast will run a story claiming that, though Trump is a known misogynist, he has a “micro-penis,” and notes how the latter may explain (but not justify) the former.

*Circa October 21st: The Drudge Report will feature a story purporting to show that Trump is secretly a proud, card-carrying member of the Church of Satan.

*Circa October 26th: The Huffington Post will run a story alleging that, while in college, Trump liked to go to restaurants and loosen caps on saltshakers. He found that “funny” according to the report, obtained from anonymous sources.

*November 2nd: The Washington Post will run a front page, above-the-fold story claiming that Trump abuses animals “for kicks.” The story’s anonymous sources allege that a young Trump used to take a magnifying glass outside on hot summer days and burn up ants on the sidewalk. The same sources say he now prefers to pluck individual hairs from the hides of black labs.

*November 3rd: On the morning of Election Day, NBC will break the explosive news that a member of Trump’s cabinet says Trump does not particularly care for the television show “This is Us.” NBC’s president, Noah Oppenheim, says this is clear evidence of Trump’s “hatred for humanity” and his “general unfitness for office,” and notes that Joe Biden claims to be a big fan of the emotional and unifying drama.


Media acts as if its a God and if people don’t worship them and believe their lies that they are to be deemed horrible human beings! Sigh! Truly disgusting and proof positive that the industry is rife with narcissism!

Indigenous people have lived in Peru since as early as 12,000 BC, leaving Peruvian archaeologists with thousands of years of prehistoric human skulls to examine. The Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology, and History in Lima, Peru contains over 10,000 of these skulls, packed together tightly in the museum’s Human Remains Gallery.

The room is filled with so many skulls that it has been speculated to be the largest ancient skull collection in the world. The collection also includes hundreds of ancient ceramics and stone statues.