The Squirming of Adam Schiff! General Impeachment Thread ***UPDATE**

I am posting this here because what is most interesting of Adam Schiff’s recent interview when asked about the potential of him being called a witness should there be a senate trial in the impeachment of President Trump, is a case study of a pathological liar with a sociopath tendency to be overcome with obsession to cover up the swamp and their criminal cabal. This is a person that is soon to be a dead man walking and this interview is very telling of someone who dies by a thousand cuts, all self inflicted mind you! “ a Hero dies only once but a coward dies a thousand times over”!

Here is the full interview

Great post @Dr_Manhattan!

I am beginning to think we need an Adam Schiff / impeachment general. There are just too many threads to keep up.

I agree! A study in human behaviour is something of a focus of mine when viewing Adam Schiff! And yes you are right there are so many threads I am losing count! Lead the way my friend!


On second thought I will edit this to make it so!

Please don’t. This is now my project.


Ok, tell me what I need to do and I will edit this or you do what you do best! :grinning:

Don’t worry about it. @Tyfoon is going to merge the countless number of Schiff threads. There is a Schiff overload here and I think it’s overwhelming folks.

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Okay. Yes I agree! :grinning:

Thanks I think having one place to go for all things impeachment will help a lot. We can just use it to dump info too.

Great Moment in the judiciary on the Nadler Impeachment circus!