The Spirit of Giving is still En Vogue

This was something that simply caught my eye. In its most simplest form, moments like these never cease to capture the imagination as well as inspire us to be kinder, despite living in a fked up world currently.


What an irony that this noble act of giving takes place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, of all places.

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I know! pretty incredible irony. In end of times scenes like this will start popping up everywhere.

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This one os a nice story.

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ATTN all Anti - Semites: I donate to the FOCJ.Call me any name you like. It won’t hurt me and I dont give a f$!k or a Rats Ass about what you call me.Iwill defend Gods chosen people. There’s a reason for inits.

What’s the relevancy here beadencup……:thinking:

I don’t know. Antisemitism is a misnomer. The majority of today’s Joos descended from Khazars, a nomadic people from east Asia.

Real Israel, real God’s people are Palestinians who descended from ancient Israel. Need to read the Book of Ezekiel. Khazars are Gog and Magog.