The Soros Swamps

The Soros Left and their Marxist agenda in a nut shell!

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George Soros (Hillary’s long-time primary political financer) instructing Hillary on what policies to carry out as Secretary of State:

Top contributors for Hillary Clinton page:

Soros admits creating the European migrant crisis:

Soros tells Europe to take in ‘at least a MILLION’ refugees every year:

Soros finances ‘Handbooks’ to spur EU-bound immigration:

Soros urges giving Ukraine $50 billion of aid to foil Russia:

Hacked emails expose George Soros as Ukraine puppet-master:

George Soros funds Ferguson Black Lives Matter protests:

Soros funds paid “protestors” to spur civil unrest:

Soros funds MoveOn and Media Matters:

Soros funds Black Lives Matter:

Soros has been great for conservative website content creation. It would be nice if the conservatives we elected actually did something about him.

This was a good video. I liked the connection between the deep state in DC and the deep state in Rome. It’s something I hadn’t considered before but it makes perfect sense. It also explains the lunatic Pope currently occupying the Vatican.

Soros didn’t get to where he is in the world today because he is stupid. Mark my words, he owns just as many elected Republicans as he does Democrats.

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Don’t forget the entire Ukraine connection and why they went hard after Trump. The entire Foreign career service was heavily influenced by Soro’s money and his NGO’s thus compromising several ambassadors in various countries through out Europe, especially Ukraine!