The Societal Impacts of COVID Propaganda Using the Promotion of Irrational Fear

The recent rise of Neil Oliver commenting on the situation of the commoners as they deal with irrational governments and how they have handled the COVID issue and the abuse of power gives various insights and a deeper way to think about our own situation as we try to navigate a totalitarian landscape. This is a worthy discussion to ponder and I am posting it here with the intent that perhaps it will be of use to others here to start a more broader discussion of what future will we be facing going forward.

This is worth a watch


Along with destroying our economy and closing businesses for EVER .

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Stop spreading lies and disinformation about the COVID vaccine. The science is clear. The vaccine is safe and effective.

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Go ahead and cite the science asshat! There is an entire thread dedicated to the topic if only you were actually honest with facts, then you would know that which you are not!

If you actually had half a brain you would know that the topic being discussed in this post is not about the vaccine! How retarded do you have to be to not catch that?


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Seriously? Have you not heard of the Food and Drug Administration or the Center for Disease Control?

Did you read this artical dumbass? What does the Food and Drug Administration and the CDC have to do with what is being discussed here? I will wait. Apparently your lack of reading comprehension skills is exposed!

The societal impacts of propaganda are terrifying. I say “societal” because the power of political movements to change culture lies in the ability to propagate the “truth” and to shape people’s attitudes. And while the power of culture to propagate the “truth” can be limited, the power of people to shape their culture is enormous. If you get enough people in a “movement”, the power of culture becomes equal to, and even greater than, that of government.

Excellent insight. I wonder with what you are suggesting will look like a year from now, especially with the upcoming mid-terms in 2022. Fear is the tool of choice right now, and with that how long before the populace will tolerate the dystopian nightmare that awaits. We are currently seeing it play out in Australia and should be the litmus test on how much a culture can take before it breaks down altogether.

The COVID vaccine is a bioweapon.

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