The socialist assult by Biden and Democrats on the US

Interpreting the Biden Doctrine: The View From Moscow

It is the failure of remaking America to a socialist State not Afghanistan, Covid 19 The Economy, climate Change no trust in the Biden Administration by anyone on the World stage that will determine not just the legacy of the Biden administration, but the future of the United States itself. In 9 months it has totally Failed

The newly unveiled Biden doctrine, which renounces the United States’ post-9/11 policies of remaking other societies and building nations abroad, is a foreign policy landmark.

Coming on the heels of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, it exudes credibility. Indeed, Pre Biden’s moves essentially formalize and finalize processes that have been under way for over a decade. By Democrat’s

It was Barack Obama who first pledged to end America’s twin wars — in Iraq and Afghanistan — started under George W. Bush. It was Donald Trump who reached an agreement with the Taliban on a full U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. Both Obama and Trump also sought, albeit in strikingly different ways, to redirect Washington’s attention to shoring up the home base.

It is important for the rest of the world to treat the change in U.S. foreign policy correctly. Leaving Afghanistan was the correct strategic decision, if grossly overdue and bungled in the final phases of its implementation. Afghanistan does mean the end of the United States as a global superpower; it continues to be in relative and slow decline.

It spell the demise of American alliances and partnerships. Events in Afghanistan are likely to produce a political earthquake within the United States that would topple Biden. No soul searching of the kind that Americans experienced during the Vietnam War is likely to emerge.

Overseas, the United States is moving from a global crusade in the name of democracy to an active defense of liberal values at home and Western positions abroad.

Afghanistan has been the most vivid in a long series of arguments that persuaded Biden’s White House that a global threat to democracy is not achievable in the foreseeable future.