The Silencing of the Embarrassments

As the UK becomes more and more hamstrung, the malfeasance of the government may not be apparent to onlookers from other countries. Indeed it is not readily apparent to most native Brits living in the UK.

I was going to say Tommy Robinson, but then decided to make the topic more open-ended. So below will be found examples of the Establishment bending the rules or simply removing thorns simply because they are that … thorns.

Feel free to add your own examples.

So here, the obfuscated attempts to remove a thorn.

It all started when UK became embarrased at their colonialism.

Self loathing will lead to self flagellation and eventually suicide.

Colonialism was an important era. It had a beginning, middle, and end. It gave as much good as it did bad to the colonies. It ended - as it should have - and there is no reason to regret or condemn oneself for being part of an era.

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The closest thing to an intro. TR speaking at Oxford Union

When this video first appeared it was crystal clear. Now it has strangely deteriorated.


…and finally, for the time being at least, this interesting attempt at wrecking the TR campaign to become MEP for ‘somewhere in the north of England’.

I had a little trouble at the last viewing as the auto-de-platforming machinery has sprung into life, but it is (currently) still available on YT after you click the ‘yes I really do want to view it’ buttons.

Brave girl.

Brits need a mass deportation program. Some societies just don’t mix well.

Without colonialism most of the advancements of the 19th and 20th Centuries would have never occurred and Great Britain would have never existed. The UK would have eventually been conquered by Germany, Russia, or a combination of the two.

I may have to send Robinson a donation.

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