The Silencing of Promising Democratic Hopefuls aka the Bernie Treatment 2016

Feel the Bern yet, that the DNC nominee is already decided before any of these debates ever take place?

From his first inexplicable “sorry?” It was clear that he’s an idiot… one of the progressives’ ubiquitous idiots. Libs never want the public to actually know the truth about the kind of people they attract. So OF COURSE THEY SHUT HIS MIC OFF. Standard tricks from that side.

I dont support the guy, but I support his right to speak his mind. At least let him speak as a qualified candidate. And you think hes more of an idiot than the pandering Julian Castro or Cory Booker and their full support for free abortion for illegal transgenders?

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He’s no more of an idiot. I agree. And if he was vetted enough to get on stage then he represents a segment of voters who deserve to be heard as Democrats.
But dems don’t roll that way.

Quote me on this next year. They prop up Biden as an “old guard” so their preferred candidate, Kamala Harris, can tear him down and claim victory. Its a play-by-play repeat of the DNC mess of 2016: an “empowered woman” sweeping a straight white male aside to seize the DNC nomination, and supposedly the presidency.

Hmmm… could be. A “foil” is that character in literature. Yeah…

  • Old, white, man
  • Younger, kinda black, woman

Interesting… kinda like preparation for beating Trump… or so they think.

The difference is… Trump will call her out for lying about when she smoked dope, for pretending to share the black experience while her family owned slaves, etc.
She will only be able to hit back with the same old stuff that already failed. Dems didn’t keep their powder dry.

My guess is that, the next Democrat debate - Bernie “Burn Me” Sanders won’t be there. As well, as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. They don’t even have a base on. They are basically preaching to the choir. Like the rest of the twenty-five. I don’t Biden will even make it to the first round of the debates when it comes down to the eight in November. I believe they will do everything to derail Biden over the Summer. Once he is exposed enough, he will have no choice but to drop out. He won’t even “pass the torch”. Lol
I believe - and I could be dead wrong - it will come down to Kamala Harris and Trump in the REAL Presidential debate.

Don was just selling a “lemon”…Err…his lemon. :grimacing:

This is one giant conspiracy. No one silenced Andrew Yang. It’s just that he didn’t have anything to offer up. In the first few minutes that he was given the opportunity to speak his delivery was awful and his policy points conflicting. Yang is a half baked loser who isn’t going to amount to anything.

Why do the enlightened progressives hate asian so much? First it was Andy Ngo, now it’s Andrew Yang. Such a tolerant party.

I never claimed to hate Asians? Why would you say such a thing about me? I love all people of all races and I think that we are a much stronger country because of our diversity and inclusion.

With that being said, no one silenced the microphone of Andrew Yang, he just didn’t have anything important or valuable to say.

Like all racists, @CriticalThinker would never admit hes a racist, and a homophobic at that.

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Like all Nazis you will silence my voice because you disagree with my beliefs.

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Nazi huh? The go to when you can’t defend the argument!

Beliefs? What beliefs? You don’t even have the courage to defend your beliefs when given the opportunity to do so! You are just a chickenshit like the rest of progressives are! You just post and then run and hide! @critical thinker the hypocrite, who would have thought you would actually have more than one response!

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You decided to post a lot of personal attacks but there is actually very little substance. I am not retreating from any sort of criticism so why would you make such a claim? I am watching you big tough right wingers scurry like scared little rats. That’s always fun.

Awe for someone who complains about personal attacks but then resorts to calling someone a Nazi is the definition of being a hypocrite! I Guess the concept of taking the high road is not in you character make up huh?

You never debate Nor defend your ideas you just post and run! That is your MO and you can’t escape your history!

Quality over quantity. It’s actually a thing.

Here let me remind you of being the chicken that you are as you were given an opportunity to defend your ideas but chose not to, only shows you are just afraid you may lose in the war of ideas! Progressives are losing because they know their ideas can’t with stand the facts when held up to the light of scrutiny!

Progressives are the real Nazi’s and are just projecting when they accuse others they don’t agree with by using such labels! The word Nazi is the new race card and de facto fall back position when their beliefs can’t be defended with a cogent sound argument!

Victim-blaming and then cried wolf, and then project your racism. Not very effective when your tactics are so obvious.