The shooting Gallery of The Clintons!

This is thread on the discussion on the FBI cover up of the Clintons! It appears new evidence is surfacing that the 30,000 e-mails were traced to a Chinese shell company! Things are starting to heat up and more news related to both Hillary and Bill Clinton will be forthcoming very soon!

Next summer is going to be extremely interesting. Look for dem’s to incite as much violence as possible so that’s what dominates the news cycle.

I have no doubt about that! There is quite a bit of time between now and then to prepare and to be ready!

Holy crap! More evidence is surfacing!

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I wasn’t sure if this is SPYGATE material or Clinton so I included it in both threads

How many more"suicdes and botched robberies will happen . Remember. I didn’t have anything to do with that agents suicide or botched robbery .

Spygate has been debunked by Trump’s DOJ…

Uh yeah, no it hasn’t! Your buying into a fake news article that’s designed to spin sympathy for the wrong doers ahead of the IG report’s imminent release. I know you wish it were true but seriously your confirmation bias is blinding you from seeing the truth.

A school shooting a month right up to the election?

The ranking Democrats are in a real pickle because they’ll need a good month if they want a deathbed confession. Hillary maybe three.

Well, school shootings are not scheduled events, unless you’ve got some evidence of it.