The Saskatchewan Slasher

It has been revealed that Myles Sanderson, the “Saskatchewan Slasher”, had 59 CONVICTIONS for a variety of violent offenses, much like that other newsmaker, Cleotha Abston, of Memphis, who was in the Big House for a juvenile rape at age 16, plus other violent offenses.

More context to your post would be helpful! I have no idea what it is you are referring to.

Your pardon,Dr. Manhattan.
I am referring to the at-large suspect in the Canadian stabbing spree, Myles Sanderson and the enormous total of (per. S.R.N. News) actual CONVICTIONS against this fugitive. This killer was compared to Cleotha Abston, who is now in jail for the murder of the Memphis teacher .He is also a violent and repeat offender, including twenty years for another kidnapped person.
I bring this to the attention of any voters that failed Democratic policies in America and Liberal policies in Canada are similar and akin in failure.
This is only one miniscule example,of course. Close examination nation wide and,indeed ,the entire continent, would show this to be the norm.

With the morning comes the news that Ezekiel Kelly of Memphis TN can be àdded to the list of repeat violent offenders .This thug was arrested yesterday for killing 4, multiple assaults, with 2 carjackings while evading police until he crashed à stolen car, all in one afternoon.
I have not heard if this teenager was released from police custody yet this morning but I will not be surprised if he is. Woe to the liberals that mollycoddle criminals! Let’s vote them out this November!!!
Ànd the Saskatchewan Slasher was arrested yesterday. If actually convicted, this will be his sixtieth. Not ARREST ,… CONVICTION!!!
INSANITY…a legal system that repeats the same actions over and over,but expecting different results.

Releasing criminals is the intent of the Obozo regime and part of the Rules for radicals play book being foisted on the American populace. The current crime wave is par for the course for the communists looking to take total control and achieve total destruction. What better say than to release criminals who will start killing people? When the shooting starts take no prisoners, because things are going to get hot soon, especially with midterm elections right around the corner. Keep your powder dry!

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I think he is dead according to news reports.

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Yes… apparently the Saskatchewan Slasher killed himself. My guess is drug o.d…
Now he must appear at a Higher Court for which there is no appeal.

A complete coverage of the story can be found at SRNNEWS.COM

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