The Real Reason They Hate Trump

After the war in 1945, the unions were riding high, union bosses wearing suits and ties and a hat smoking big cigars and telling the companies that they were not going to tell us what to do, we are going to tell you what to do. Well, that is not what the companies wanted to hear, because greedy dogs want more! So these companies came up with an idea: why not move our factories to China where we can get slave labor. Hey now, there’s an idea! But one thing, they had to take over the United States Government to pull it off. It needs to be understood that taking over the U.S. government is not that hard if you have the money to back the candidates that will do your bidding. After they took over the U.S. government these companies moved their factories to China, they spent billions in setting up factories and training the Chinese and making products real cheap, ship them to America, sell them for relatively high prices and make millions and billions of dollars. You see my friends it is about MONEY! They don’t like Trump because President Trump is trying to bring back our jobs to America! You start cutting down on the profits of the greedy dogs and they are going to come out fighting. They murdered Kennedy, Oswald, and officer Tippit.

Who is “they” that hate Trump? After reading your wall of text I’m not sure you know.



You do seem very close to putting all of the pieces together. You just need to name them and be done with it. We all know who (((they))) are.

Oh, and it’s not that they hate Trump. It’s that they hate us. We put Trump in their way so by default they have to hate him. Trump actually loves them though and won’t do anything to defend himself against them.

Well it’s not working very well. And I haven’t heard any Democrats ever criticizing bringing back jobs to America. But speaking of money. Trump was the one that braggingly told us he would pay off the national debt and run balanced budgets. Not only has he added hugely to the national debt, he’s running RECORD budget deficits, and I’m really pissed at him for that.

Is it your totally uninformed or just like bloating about the same thing over and over again???

Who controls spending>?

Who controls the budget?

Ain’t the president bucky.

And who’s they???

“They” are those who first moved our factories to China. I really am afraid to say exactly who “They” are, I don’t want to get killed. But moving factories to China is a cancer, and it works like this: there are two factories in America, let’s say, both produce wheelbarrows, both sell their wheelbarrows for $25. Factory “A” decides to move their factory to China and has them manufactured there, brings them back to America and sells them for $10 a wheelbarrow. Factory “B” does not want to set up a factory in China because factory “B” is patriotic , but factory “A” is killing factory “B” , so factory “B” has no choice, move to China or go busted, so factory “B” moves their factory to China. This is what is happening to America, and “they” don’t care, “they” hate Americans. You don’t move your factories to China and say you love America.

Hmmmmm, that’s rather odd…

It’s pretty frequent that unions do whatever is more beneficial to the union than to the people it supposedly protects. And people’s unwillingness to oppose them does frequently cause a mess. Unions are filled to the brim with actual communists. People praise unions for bringing about minimum wage laws but those minimum wage laws weren’t there in order to ensure people get a decent baseline salary. Minimum wage laws were implemented to force people out of work through the use of government. Places like Germany didn’t have minimum wage laws until like 2015 and yet German workers weren’t starving in the streets.

As the saying goes “everyone is entitled to equal opportunity but not an equal result!”