The real reason behind the showdown in Virginia: Demographic change & exodus of people from Blue states

Some of you may be familiar with the situation going on in Virginia. Now that Democrats have got a foothold in the state legislature, they are passing all sorts of gun laws like crazy and making things home.

This would have been completely unprecedented in Virginia just two decades ago. Virginia was a pretty solid conservative state that valued individual liberties.

So what happened?
I will tell you what did not happen. The people living in Virginia did not just one day decide they were going to vote for Democrats.

What happened in Virginia stems from a phenomena that’s been happening in different parts of the country. Heavily populated areas in heavily Blue states have been the primary ones taking on the majority of the mass immigration that’s happened over the last 30 years. However, that immigration displaces a portion of the population that already lived there, and then they go on to other states to find greener pastures. But they take their politics with them and want to make these new states home.

In the case of Virginia, the real underlying issue going on is that the city areas in the northeastern part of the state have been continuing to grow and sprawl, as people from up north (D.C. area, New Jersey, New York) continue to move there.

You can see on this map from which states the majority of in-flow to Virginia came from:

Also the population in those white rural areas are declining. (low birth rates)
A map showing that can be seen here:

The factor that has been changing things in Virginia is demographic change, not people changing their opinions.

This is also the same reason why Pennsylvania has also recently begun to come under increasing pressure, and I suspect North Carolina and Florida could be next in the not so distant future.

And you people who live in the Western half of the country, I’d be very very wary of California, it’s been spilling out people and turning cities in outlying states Blue. People as far away as Idaho and Montana have been complaining about the influx. (Don’t forget California has a gigantic population of 40 million, and the entire Western region of the United States only contains about 75 million people) Even all the major big cities in Texas have been turning, or already turned Blue, due in large part to the massive exodus of people that have left California (that in combination with plenty of illegal immigration Texas has received on its own). Colorado is another state to keep an eye on, a lot of Californians have been moving there, and the Denver area has been sprawling outwards.

New Hampshire is another example. It used to be fairly conservative until about the late 1980s. But it just kept getting a lot of the population that was emptying out from New York and Massachusetts. (Even in this last presidential election, Hillary only won the state over Trump by a tiny 0.4% margin. It is, or it was 25 years ago, the most Red state in New England)

But don’t forget that as late as 26 years ago, California was still sort of a purple state, where a Republican governor may have had a decent chance of winning. I know it seems virtually unbelievable today, but in 1994 the California voters passed a referendum banning public funds for medical care and education to illegal aliens. Of course activist judges in the state courts quickly overturned it. You can research Proposition 187.

Progressives in the state couldn’t convince the population that was already there to vote for them, so they had to bring in a population that would vote for them from outside. Well now with 1 in 4 people in the state living in poverty, they’ve pretty much cemented their power.

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