The real loser in the Democratic debate

Many people have dubbed Joe Biden as the loser in Thursday’s DNC presidential debate (with Kamala Harris touted as being the winner).

I really do not believe, however, that the loser was onstage that night.

Rather, the real loser, in my opinion, was Tom Perez (the chairman of the DNC).

That is because he churlishly refused to let Fox News carry the debate, live.

It is no secret that the left has attempted, ever since FNC’s inception in 1996, to destroy Fox News; or, at least, to marginalize it.

Tom Perez just came off looking extremely petty in all this.

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Here are the reasons I will NOT be voting for Trump in 2020:

  • Illegal immigration at highest levels since Dubya
  • No repeal and replace Obamacare
  • Trump couldn’t stop the caravan
  • Trump couldn’t end DACA
  • Trump couldn’t pass the RAISE act
  • Trump couldn’t end Birthright Citizenship
  • Trump couldn’t make E-Verify a law
  • Trump couldn’t defund Planned Parenthood
  • Trump couldn’t invest $1 trillion to improve national infrastucture
  • Trump couldn’t pass the travel ban
  • Trump couldn’t close the Wall Street special interest loopholes
  • Trump couldn’t put price controls on prescription drugs
  • Trump couldn’t stop foreign lobbyists from raising money for American election
  • Trump couldn’t resist bombing Syria
  • Trump couldn’t pull the U.S out of NATO
  • Anti bds law
  • Gave israel 38 billion
  • Increased the National debt by $2trillion
  • Gave the 1% a tax cut
  • Farmers bill
  • Omnibus bill
  • Amnesty bill
  • Crime ‘reform’ bill
  • No unclassified FISA
  • No Awan indictment
  • No Uranium One investigation
  • No voter fraud investigation
  • No Feinstein Chinese spy investigation
  • Pedogate has vanished
  • 55k sealed indictments went nowhere
  • Hired a bunch of neocons
  • Continued middle eastern wars
  • Ramping up for even more wars
  • Global LGBT crusade

These shits are all pandering to the illegal alien vote.

They’ve all promised to trash the 2nd Amendment. They all promised to not only allow the violation of the law against entering the US, but to unconstitutionally give them free health care and put you into tax slavery of the national debt.


Hospitals giving free health care to illegals who can’t pay is the status quo.

So what’s with crap? The media mob and all the shit they control want to make sure someone corrupt wins in 2020.

Which begs the question, who should we vote for, Bernie.

I know it seems counter intuitive but there’s no debate. America’s done for if another corporate shill is elected.

Remember we are going to be bombarded with billions of dollars of the very best propaganda available. Our job is to decide right now that come election day we vote Bernie.

Have fun guys but remember don’t be a lemming and let some crap manipulate you away from the only reasonable choice.

Wow! What a very weak argument if that. You do know the reason for your list is because of YOUR party - the Democrats. They have repeatedly refused to work with Trump on anything. Instead, they made stupid excuses and very poor decisions only to “please their base”.
You to come out with that absurd list is not only appalling, it just goes to show us that you are either ignorant or arrogant. Perhaps both.
The list you made here suggested also that even a third grade student could have made it. Oh wait, maybe that is your education level…my bad.


But the real reason is that Trump is not Hillary.

Dont pretend otherwise

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Now we know why you are disappointed with Donald Trump.

But would you care, please, to actually respond–directly–to the OP?

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It’s blowing up in their face. The real loser is the DNC at large

Trump should send Biden a note…

Welcome to the dark side Joe, where no good deed goes unpunished by the rabid Left, where you will be demonized and lied about no matter what you say and what good you may have done. But you stood by while they did it to me. It made them more aggressive and helped prepare them for the day when they would take down even Barack Obama’s vice president. Enjoy being eaten by your own, Joe.

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Here is the reason I’m voting for Trump 2020 .
dummycrats lied and lied last night in their “debate” I heard GIVE billions to minorities , more jobs to minorities , more billions for Section 8 housing , reparations , minorities selling legal weed , expunge prison records of all minorities , legalize pot , free college , more minorities admitted into college , free healthcare , and TAX BIG CORPORTIONS , is it any wonder democrat controlled Cities end up in rubble ? Haven the dummycrats learned paying braindead morons $15 plus an hour and raising TAXES on businesses sends JOBS overseas ? We all agree JOBS , and to be SAFE are number one issues !
DUMMYCRATS want open borders and sky- high TAXES .

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WOW what a list, a bit overkill I’d say you’re TDS is showing! :smirk:

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Did you forget why you want dummycrats in office ?
Just a few FREE things the dummycrats promised …
*Alternate Energy
*Sick Days
*Minoritiy jobs
*Doubling the EIC
*Family Leave
*Certain Lending
*$15 plus an hour
*Foreign Aid
*Minority preference in college admissions
*End white privilege
*Mental Health Counseling
*Tax corporations at 70 %
*Military Engagements
*Housing Section 8 billions
*Increases To Current Entitlement Programs
*Money For Everyone, Monthly, Just Because