The Real Goal of Muslims in America

Anyone that doubts that the goal of the Islamic theocracy is to take over this nation need to listen to what this woman says.

Christ will remove the taint of Islam from the earth. Mohammad and those who knew and followed him are already dead and awaiting their final judgment because their names are not going to be in the Lamb’s Book of Life. But before then do not be surprised that Islam will be the specific context from which the Antichrist will come.

Indeed, the Arabic script for in the name of Allah when combined with the crossed swords motif looks like what is drawn in the oldest manuscripts and which is commonly read as Greek letters. This Islamic banner, or ones similar to it, has been written on armbands and headbands of many Muslim warriors down through the years.

Islam - always easier to drag someone into a cesspool, than to climb out. Myself, being a minimalist ( even where faith is concerned ); I try to hold by the basic teachings of Christ & the Buddha. Again: Do no harm in My Name. Go and try to sin no more. That alone is a hard road for mortal man to follow through life. I also believe the very root of sin - human misery is ( in some way, shape, or form ) GREED.

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I have no time for any religion - ideology that may lead to human misery.