The racial crime double standard that refuses to go away

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Get use to double standards , minorities get a pass ALWAYS !

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I used to say that statements regarding what would have happened had the races been reversed and the same story unfolded were mere speculation…fantasy.

This is not the case. Too many governments permit double standard treatment of criminals for ridiculous fear of appearing intolerant of minorities.

What is needed is a redirection of the intolerance to that of CRIME…and to be intolerant of it regardless of the race of the perpetrator.

But I thought he wuz a gud boi…he dindu nuffin!

There’s a lot of truth in that article and the problem is just as bad or worse here in the US and appears to reaching Canada as well.

Three decades of liberal academics blaming White Europeans for the ills of the world is combining to roost.

Lucy Lowe – a blonde Telford grooming gang victim who was burned alive in her own home alongside her sister and mother. Lucy had fallen pregnant with her Asian rapist’s baby, and the rapist decided to get rid of it along with anybody who could reveal his abuse of the girl by setting Lucy’s house on fire. Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Birmingham Mail

This is an absolutely disgusting story and it’s exactly why we need to showcase exactly what happens to young white women when they race mix or interact with men from outside of their own race.

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Remember the BLM list of demands?

Looks like they are getting their way after all.